Do you think this looks like a peanut In our lifetimes if we are ever so lucky we find someone who we choose and who chooses us the arun Is that person for me? Now I’m gonna make all the balloons in different heights so I don’t want them to be all touching the ceiling […]

Trailer | Extreme Engagement | Netflix Original Series

the moment I saw PJ I was head over heels so I proposed to her. Yes yes yes yes yes. And that moment was everything I dreamed of. We want to find out if we’re really ready for marriage so we’ll spend the next year in eight of the world’s toughest places finding out how […]

STORYTIME Our Wedding & First Year of Marriage | Sasha In Good Taste | Sasha Pieterse Sheaffer

♪ Just the two of us, we can make it if we try ♪ – Maybe next week we’ll climb a tree. (dramatic music) – Adulting can be intimidating, but I promise you if I can do it, you can too. Recipes, life hacks and everyday tips. Welcome to Sasha in Good Taste (laughs) – […]

Marriage Words

In this unit, we will review some words related to marriage. [MUSIC] Alliance: is a state of being in a relationship with another person. Engagement: is an agreement between partners in a relationship to marry one another at some future date. Betrothal: is another word for an engagement Fiancé: is a man engaged to be […]

3 top honeymoon types Holly’s hot wedding tips

Good morning Linda this is so good to have you here on Holly sweat hot wedding tips I hear your company is beacon travel and you’re gonna give me tips today so once you’ve had this wonderful wedding what are the most popular honeymoons right now? okay well there’s actually three types of honeymoons. the […]

Destination Wedding Planning Tips

Amber: Hey, it’s Amber. Are you considering a destination wedding? Today we are in Mexico at the Engage! Luxury Wedding Summit, with some of the best destination wedding experts in the world to help you come up with a few ideas to make planning a little easier. Aimee: The first thing is research. Every country […]


Good morning guys. Today is the morning of our wedding. We’re renewing our vows today after 10 years of marriage. And we’re in Turks and Caicos on holiday. So I thought I would blog our day. We’re not actually getting married until 4:00 PM but I’ll show you what we get up to? For me? […]

Alright! | Couples During Honeymoon | Ft. Nikhil Vijay, Kritika Avasthi

Priyanka, do you know what is the most important event in a woman’s life When there are fantasies in your relationship and intimacy with your partner Which event are you talking about, mother? When a woman gives birth to a child When you return from your honeymoon You better give us some good news Hello! […]