Married Couple Are India’s First Bodybuilding Champion Duo | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

BORUN YUMNAM: We are the only one who won international medal in this bodybuilding arena. BORUN YUMNAM: From my childhood, I really wanted to become a sports player. I started my fitness regime which improved my physique. So after that, I think about bodybuilding and start competing. COMM: This is Borun Yumnam, a 39-year-old old […]

Modified Mom Tattoos Eyeballs Pink | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

I'd consider myself different because I love Jesus and I look this way her having her highs tattooed I was very upset about it it was the one thing that upset me more than anything probably I was not worried about damaging my heart my name is Michele DiDonato on the tattoo artist and mother […]