‘Being A Family And Then Running A Business Together Can Be Challenging,’ Admits Mom Who Helps Ma…

Statistics have shown that 91% of Gen Z-ers use YouTube, 65% have Instagram. Now, identical twins Allie and Lexi say managing their social media, as well as growing careers as artists is a full-time job. Now, we just saw Lexi and Allie’s mom, Amy, in the MTV show “Ex on the Beach.” Amy says, they […]

Identical Twins SWiTCH PLACES | Will Brooklyn & Bailey’s FAMiLY Notice? (Part 2)

– Hey, guys! It’s Brooklyn and Bailey. And today we are filming another twin swap video, which, if you don’t know, we filmed one with our roommates and friends in college, and now today, we are filming one with our extended family. So, it was so funny last time, seeing who got it, and who […]

Identical TWINS Switch Places for 24 HOURS! Should I TRUST My Husband & Best Friend? Rebecca Zamolo

– I’m ready to do this challenge. – Whoa, whoa, whoa! – I think we need to confront him. – Whoa! – Are you lying? – I’m not a liar. – Hey Zam fam, I need to hurry. Daniel is distracting Matt right now, but they both have no idea what I’m about to do. […]

D.I.Y. Baby Shower for a BOY | vlog

is this edible everything but the flowers put in indistinct man because I actually I I don't want to drive all the way back here you let me know these are all the guests tables okay and then we have our schedule the baby shower timeline [Applause] hello [Applause] go get me a ball get […]

"Get Ready With Me" HOMECOMING 2016 | Brooklyn and Bailey GRWM

"Get Ready With Me" PROM 2017 | Brooklyn and Bailey GRWM & RDMAs | #Prom

(Energieke musiek) – Hallo ouens. – Hi Dit is Brooklyn en Bailey en vandag se video. Is vlog beeldmateriaal van 'n spesiale klein gebeurtenis in ons lewens. Prom. – Prom (whoops). Behalwe vir ons het 'n bietjie ander prom. Ons het 'n bestemming prom. Ons het dit iewers saam met ons geneem. – Mm-hmm. Dus […]

My 1st PROM… with a Broken Foot? | #PROM 2018 Get Ready With Me

[Applause] once therefore in another bag I will never try to fool you a one heartbeat away from going mad going you look like yeah the wait is finally over it is prom day and I'm super excited I'm about to go to the dance right now we just took some pictures so I've logged […]

Six Days of SENIOR PROM 2018 | #Prom Get Ready With Me

WE TRiED ON 36 PROM DRESSES! Can You Guess Our Favorites? #Prom