Telling Family I’m Pregnant!

– Okay, so today’s video is a lot of fun. We were trying to figure out a way to tell some of our family members that I’m pregnant, and we ended up kind of pranking them. – So about a month ago, we did a video with my sister Colleen where we reacted to old […]

The Truth Behind our Family Vacation

When are you going to call her? You calling for baby Tabor are you coloringthe picture? [inaudible] what’s up guys? Welcome to the Wander Family vlog. We are back from Lake Powell. Where are we going? We’re going in the car. Going on a ride. Wow. Yeah. Um, we had, did you have fun at […]

Ellen Meets Viral Pregnancy Test Couple Jahann & Charles Stewart

When our next guest found out she was pregnant with her fourth child, she thought it would be funny to record her husband’s reaction. The video has now been viewed over 105 million times. Let’s see how loud he’s about to be. Babe, do me a favor. Hand me my tea right there on the […]

the baby shower of my dreams | 7.20.19

I've been such an emotional wreck all morning so a little bit but I just wanted the face like thank you so much to everyone who came here for me can't even get the words out this is been like so surreal like seriously everyone's coming together for something that looks so much bigger than […]


hey my beautiful shining stars I am here with my family today and we are celebrating baby lyric this is my baby shower and I kind of wanted to take you guys along with us because you guys have been such an amazing support and it just warms my heart to hear all of your […]