Morals, Values, Sanskriti and Love Marriage. How to have a successful Love Marriage

The Morals and Values (Sanskriti) of every Religion are slowly Dyeing Imagine this is pure Sanskriti (Morals and Values) Which existed long ago Let me show you what happens in just 3 generations What percentage (%) of your parents’ good qualities (Sanskriti) do you possess? For now, let’s imagine you have 30% of the good […]

The Break Up | Couple Series E08 | ft. Rahul Raj and Dipshi Blessy | Put Chutney

hi guys today i am going to prank my girlfriend its her birthday today so come let’s see okay yes bye bye bye hi boys and girls she’ll be here in ten minutes so we can eat the cake once she comes right? yes we can eat she thinks i forgot her birthday when she […]

Romantic Honeymoon Places for Couples in India -Honeymoon Trip for Newly married

One of the Union Territories of India – Andaman

Hindi VLOG | Love vs Arranged Marriage,Interracial Couples,Introduce Boyfriend to Family Advice

What’s up, guys, it’s Himani! Not many of you know that I speak Hindi. A lot of you had requested me to make a Hindi vlog. I get so many questions from you guys about some personal topics. So, today I’m going to go over your most frequently asked questions about Love Marriages, Arranged Marriages, […]

Is it necessary to marry in life? What’s the physical relationship between man & woman? Krishnamurti

4th Question: Is it necessary to marry in life? What is the physical relationship between man and woman? I don’t know. You ought to know. What a strange question this is, isn’t it? Is it necessary to marry in life? What do you say? If the speaker puts this question to you, what will you […]

Happy Marriage in 21 Languages

Hi Iti and Yus! All the best for you guys and a lot of happiness in your life I wish you all happiness in the future, Congratulation on your wedding, all happiness, love, peace. Iti and Yus, everything best for your marriage, all of happy years with your husband. Everything based from Gold Coast, Australia […]

Our 1st wedding anniversary… UNEXPECTED CALL, Indian & Dutch MARRIED Couple Vlog #6

what I say I don’t know I’m really not good okay hi guys all right welcome back to our blog and today in our first marriage anniversaries something is special we going out for lunch because I was running reading any works for a ritual both together Indian and we celebrate with family at home […]

Reunion Party – It’s a Honey Trap | S01E47 | Couple of Mistakes | Karan Veer Mehra | Barkha Sengupta

Baby Imagine Bangalore again lost the match! Please check the location on Google Like last time we shouldn’t miss the place. Yes Yes! You’ll wear this and go? Ya! Smart Casuals is the theme right? Ya I mean… Can you please open the door? You forgot something? Open fast What happened? Baby everytime we get […]

[Hyderabad News] The married couple who have come to complain have got married love/THE NEWS INDIA

A woman who came to complain about her husband has come up with a police officer who is engaged in an illegal relationship. A woman who came to complain about her husband has come up with a police officer who is engaged in an illegal relationship. A woman who came to complain about her husband […]

Intercaste Marriage

The words “Marriage” and “Caste” often go into the same sentences in India. But since ancient times, inter-caste marriages have been relatively common. There are two types of inter-caste marriages — Anuloma and Pratiloma. The Anuloma form of marriage refers to marriages that take place between a man from a so-called higher caste and a […]