Best Flash Mob Wedding Proposal – Bruno Mars – Marry You

Hi guys, so tomorrow is the day.. I’ve been planning and working on this from more than a month now.. From finding the dance troupe… Getting the camera crew.. Finding the right venue and getting the permissions.. And most importantly trying to learn how to dance… Because i’m not such a good dancer.. & I’ve […]

Why no one is responding to my matrimonial profile?

Welcome to episode two of “Arranged Marriage Problems – Solved!” This is Sruthi This is Srinivas Today we are going to answer the question – “Why nobody is responding to my matrimonial profile?” Before we tell you the answer, remember to like and subscribe to this channel and hit the bell icon to get updates […]

Indira Gandhi Interview | TV Eye | 1978

Mrs.. Gandhi can you imagine any circumstances in which you might once again become prime minister of India [I]? Can certainly imagine the circumstances, but the question is whether I want to be or whether I’ll agree to be or not? What would be the terms under which you would agree to [be] no, it’s […]

Gidha Punjabana Da With CC | Popular Punjabi Marriage Songs/Tappe/Boliyan | Wedding Ceremony Music

Crow, fly away from the roof If my beloved send me a letter, will feed you Springtime has come May God bless the separated loved ones Stand at the balcony I don’t need to see the moon, your light is everything to me There’s a white pigeon at the balcony Girl with the pink dupatta, […]

Crime Patrol Dial 100 – क्राइम पेट्रोल – Malad Murder Case – Ep 514 – 21st June, 2017

This girl is strange. I wonder where she has gone. What happened? – Did you find her? No. I searched for her at all the nearby places. I didn’t find her anywhere. She must be somewhere here. Had you searched properly you might have.. – What do you mean? Am I crazy? Am I blind? […]

What Foreigners Check Before Marriage – Legal Requirements for Getting Married in India

What Foreigners Check Before Marriage Legal Requirements for Getting Married in India

India’s Incredible Dwarf Family: BORN DIFFERENT

COMM: In Hyderabad, Ram Raj lives with his large unique family. COMM: For generations, numerous members of his family have been born with Achondroplasia, a condition causing dwarfism. He currently lives with eleven members of his family, nine of whom have the condition. COMM: Although they have accepted their condition, which in total has affected […]

A Tiger Cub Ruins a Hunt for His Hungry Family

[LIGHT MUSIC] NARRATOR: Young cubs enjoy morning play time. Their games are a way of honing their hunting skills. [TIGER GROWLING] Even mom will join in to demonstrate a trick, or two. Practicing the best pounce and ambush technique will be vital for their survival. They’re growing fast and, like all teenagers, always hungry. So […]

3 YUMMY Recipes for KIDS/TEENAGERS | Lunch-Evening Recipes | #Family #MyMissAnand #CookWithNisha

Told this from long days No one brought the Chana so today I took it by myself Nisha, here are the Chana you’ve asked for Nisha, these are the Chana you’ve asked for lot of Chanas seems like have to eat the Chana daal for the whole month No my dear… We’ll make tasty & […]