120 Magnificent DIY Mosaic Garden Decorations For Your Inspiration | DIY Garden

120 Magnificent DIY Mosaic Garden Decorations For Your Inspiration

Giving a Wedding Anniversary Speech : Wedding Anniversary Speeches: Introduce Yourself

Ok, we’ve established what the point of the speech is, the happiness that we’re going to convey. But, as far as structure goes, the first thing you’re going to do in this speech is tell everybody who you are. Basically introduce yourself. Now, more than likely, you will know the people that are at this […]

Australia Said Yes! Vienna invites first honeymooners

Dear friends from Australia! We’re happy to hear that you took a big step towards marriage equality today. In Austria we’re still working on that. Nevertheless, Vienna supports Australia’s forwardness and would like to invite the first same-sex couple which ties the knot in Australia and sends their marriage certificate to to spend an unforgettable […]

✔ Minecraft: 10 Christmas Decoration Ideas

This first one is a must! I’ll start off by building the perfect tree. It’s not too big, so you might be able to fit it indoors. This will be my version of the star on top. I’m using end rods to light up and decorate the tree. They look like candles.. :] These trapdoors […]

CEREMONY: Every Sunday in NYC

Hello, my name is Meredith Edwards and I am the founder of The Sacred Arts Experience, an up and coming platform for creative inspiration. I am so excited to launch a new community outreach program called CEREMONY. CEREMONY is a sacred arts session happening every single Sunday from 2-4pm in the East Village here in […]

How to Increase Engagement on Your Videos

(inspiring music) – Hey, I’m Keri Murphy, and welcome back to Inspired Living TV, where we inspire lives and empower entrepreneurs. And I first have to say congratulations. You have started to use video, you understand the power of video, and now you’re wondering, how do I get people to actually engage in my videos, […]

How To Book Speaking Engagements

(light music) – Hi, I’m Keri Murphy, and welcome to Inspired Living TV, where we inspire lives and help entrepreneurs become industry icons. If you are someone who really wants to make a big difference in the world, you wanna make great money and a great impact, this video is a must watch. I’m going […]

Votre coeur bat la chamade ? I Franck Nicolas

vous êtes prêt à foutre en l’air votre journée ça va mal les émotions bat la chamade première des choses les cinq questions est-ce que j’ai faim quand vous avez faim une chute des glucides une chute du taux de glycémie dans le sang provoque une chute monumentale d’énergie peu d’énergie peu enclin à être […]

“A Ceremony Called Life” by Tehya Sky (Sounds True) BOOK TRAILER

There are often a lot of beliefs, memories, traumas, ideas… that are stuck inside of us that hold us back. Whether we’re drinking our coffee in the morning, having an argument with our beloveds, losing a job, gaining a job, walking our dog; all of these moments contain within them the inherent invitation to love […]