Digital Health Engagement Value Proposition – Interview with Manuel Heuer

Hi, I am Manuel Heuer, the Chief Operating Officer at dacadoo and I am based here in Zurich, Switzerland. When we talk about the engagement value proposition towards health insurers and life insurers or large vendors of corporate wellness, what do we talk about? It is a holistic health proposition we offer to them. It’s […]

Here’s to Firsts: Family | Allstate Insurance

The year has flown by so quickly. We’ve had a lot of memorable firsts. A year ago, we didn’t even know we were going to be parents. We got a call on February 25. We had a baby. We had no plan, didn’t know she was coming. The second we held her I knew… …that […]

Female Birth Control Options | Family Planning

[MUSIC] My name is Jenny Robinson. I’m an OB/GYN at John Hopkins Bayview and I work in the Women’s Center for Family Planning, which is a sub-specialty clinic that provides complex contraception care and also provides care for women facing either abnormal or unplanned pregnancies. Women who have high blood pressure, who have poorly controlled […]

CBS News – Wedding Insurance, Insuring ‘I Do’

(Female Anchor) Well tonight CBS2’s Sharon Taye shows us one engaged couple who were ready to say i do with the altar and to wedding insurance (Reporter) Some women dream of this day their entire lives: the fairy tale wedding. But what if that dream suddenly turns into a nightmare? These YouTube videos show weddings […]

UnitedHealthcare | Destination Wedding :30

So how did this happen? I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride. Awwww. Oh, get your birdseed ready. ♪♪ [Seagull squawk] Oooh! [Falling thud] Run! [Seagull squawks] [Crowd screaming] UnitedHealthcare helps connect you to care… …whenever you need it. So I’m not going to need stitches then? No, just the […]

Does my spouse need to drop their employer’s insurance if I want subsidized individual insurance?

A common question we hear in our customer care center is, “My spouse has insurance from an employer. Will they need to give up that employer-based coverage if I want to buy insurance for myself on the individual market?” No. There is no requirement in the Affordable Care Act that spouses be on the same […]

Will My Non-Working Spouse, Who Turns 65 Before Me, Get Medicare at Age 65?

If you are at least sixty-two years of age and have worked for at least ten years in Medicare-covered employment, your spouse can get Medicare Parts A and B at age sixty-five. If you have worked at least ten years in Medicare-covered employment but are not yet age sixty-two when your spouse turns age sixty-five, […]

Challenges & Benefits of Tiny House Living – Couple Shares Experience

Probably about five years ago We became just interested in tiny houses. There wasn’t that much of a movement so much back then or a trend. We just always lived simply so we were looking for how we might live simply in Our next iteration of doing that. And about three years ago We got […]

Whitney Cummings – I Love You – Marriage & Sex

Love makes you think about doing things you never thought you’d do before, you know? Like, getting married. I thought I was gonna get married. For me, I never thought I was gonna get married ’cause I have all this divorce in my family, you know? I also think when you get older as a […]