My Girlfriend Teaches Me The Korean Alphabet

not me and then you is nigga whoa what we're gonna take a commercial break what's up so a lot of you guys but I can't do it just yet see the thing is I want to ask Glory's parents for her hand in marriage if I do it in Korean and the thing is […]

Dwaine and Shanta: The Wedding EXTENDED VERSION

🇨🇳 Interracial marriages on the rise in China | Al Jazeera English

my name is Sandra Sandra's from Cameroon but her son is Chinese because he was born here both appear a lot these days on a popular Chinese social media network marriage between a Chinese man and an African woman is still a curiosity here so she and her husband decided to stream their day-to-day lives […]

Mixed Race Marriages in the South | The New York Times



Wedding and Baby Shower Outfit Inspiration

hi guys welcome back to my channel it's pretty nice over here so it's wedding season and I brought a shout season baby baby shower season all the shenanigans season it was a friend is getting married today which is super excited to be attending her wedding but before we attend her way to wait […]

My Wedding: Getting Married by Court Marriage in India

I'm getting married today and I'm taking you guys along with me. And if you don't know about my marriage, go and check out my last video where I explain how untraditional our last video is. And we're getting married under the Special Marriages Act here in India. And this allows anybody to get married […]