Italy’s China City: Sweatshops to Wedding Shops

Italy and China are building ties But for decades, Chinese people in Italy Have been learning Italy’s secrets. Welcome back to China Uncensored. I’m Chris Chappell. In the 13th Century, Venecian explorer Marco Polo visited China. There, he allegedly learned the secret of making noodles— and brought it back to Italy to make a knockoff […]

2018 Annual International Women of Courage Awards Ceremony

MS NAUERT: Good afternoon, everyone. Your Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 2018 International Women of Courage Award recipients. You can applaud. (Laughter.) (Applause.) We would like to welcome them into the room. (Applause.) And they have come a long, long way to get here to meet you in Washington. (Applause.) And next I’d […]

Android Developer Story: musiXmatch drives user engagement through innovation

[MUSIC PLAYING] MAX CIOCIOLA: My name is Max Ciociola. I’m the CEO and founder of musiXmatch. My daily job is to follow the product team and build the best experience we can around music and lyrics. The app is called musiXmatch because we match your music with lyrics. And we show you the lyrics while […]

Alessandro e Tony Wedding Gay – Love is Love – Lecce

today I put my heart in your hands the only place I want her to be and where I am sure it will continue to beat fueled by your great love I tell you that I am ready and will love you for the rest of my life until I breathe

I’M YOURS ♡ Gay Wedding Movie • Lake Garda, Italy

Normally the tradition at Irish weddings is to start by complimenting the bridesmaids Clearly, this was never going to be an easy speech. Today I married my best friend, my travel companion, my life guru and the person I look up to the most. And I’m incredibly excited to see where life takes us. Because […]

William + Michael wedding day

Welcome! Welcome to the groomings and their wedding witnesses. Please have a seat. I’m here today… To tell you a story A fairytale That today is completing its drawing. With a magical taste A glorious Victory Against all the hedges Smelling of Happyness and Respect I have right here in front of me a family […]

Holy Matrimony – SN-J feat. Sara Elbostahi & Olivia Neil-Jones (Prod. The Duos)

(Video set in Naples) Yo this is for hip hop Art straight from the heart… Check it out Old school isn’t hollywood, New fools acting like a dummy would, So it’s back to the hood for good With the hip hop battles, No shackles on our art, Rattle spray paint cans, and paint these streets […]

Surgery Obsessive Spends $76,000 In Quest For Perfection

FULVIA: No, I am not happy with my “perfect body”, because it is not perfect. Perfection is something else. COMM: Transgender Fulvia Pelegrino has spent 80,000 Euros over the last 15 years transforming her body through surgery. FULVIA: Plastic surgery is not a drug but it’s something people like me need. I am not happy […]

Happy Marriage in 21 Languages

Hi Iti and Yus! All the best for you guys and a lot of happiness in your life I wish you all happiness in the future, Congratulation on your wedding, all happiness, love, peace. Iti and Yus, everything best for your marriage, all of happy years with your husband. Everything based from Gold Coast, Australia […]