hey guys it's Hannah doe meat and welcome to my channel or welcome back if you've been here before today I want to film a little video for you guys while I pack for my trip to Corsica I'm going tomorrow for a wedding and so I'm just gonna show you what I'm putting in […]

Summer Music Mix 2018 🌴- Kygo, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Camila Cabello, Sia Style – Chill Out

Makeup Ketemu Calon Mertua / Graduation / Bridesmaid / Kondangan

It's a BOY!!! – Baby Shower Nail Tutorial

yeah and finally going to be an auntie this video is dedicated to and is inspired by my soon-to-be baby nephew and my sister is expected to be dude just in time for the New Year's I hope you guys enjoy this super adorable Nair tutorial first start off with a base coat I'm using […]

Undercover Bridesmaid Hallmark Channel On Loca

what makes the Texas wedding being big big bigger everything is big the Texas twang hair is big everything's freely blending the words a little well you know it's like y'all are getting married soon y'all ready for this food is amazing and a ton of it here we're doing quite a stretch we have […]

UFC – Calling Out Justin Bieber With Dana White! | Steve-O

I'm gonna have to call us a little bitch ass out right now I think you could make it happen you versus Bieber here we are in Las Vegas Nevada and we're about to be UFC president Dana White what's up dude what's going on all right I'm good thanks for coming where did you […]

How a Surprise Baby Shower Affected Thousands of Soldiers | Where Are They Now | OWN

I just arrived at Fort Campbell Army Post in Kentucky where in just moments we're throwing the world's biggest surprise baby shower it all started nine months ago when hundreds of Port Campbell husbands and wives were reunited when the legendary 101st airborne returned home from a grueling tour of duty in Iraq the result […]

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