Is Your Marriage Going To Be LEGAL? – How To Apply | Wedding Tings S1E4

Is your marriage going to be legal? Or do you even know the process of how to get your marriage legal? And what I mean by this is; will the pastor be allowed to give you a marriage certificate? Which is why we are planning a wedding in the first place, right? That is what […]

Kenya’s new polygamy king with 18 wives and 32 children (Real Story) | Faces of Kenya

The moment you enter my home, there is no leaving Coming in is easy, leaving is hard!! Some say he is a witch… But according to me, I know He is a Doctor My name is Ramo Kathata That’s the name many people refer me by Or you can call me Robert Kathata I am […]

Stephen Lewis: The Week in Review #28

I have four intertwining items. The cabinet of Iraq has affirmed, not yet passed, a law setting the age of marriage for girls at nine. That means that for so many girls, childhood will consist of perpetual marital rape. Unbelievable. In the country of Kenya, several years ago when they were discussing the Sexual Offences […]

Having three babies per year in Kenya – VPRO Metropolis

Delicious & Tasty Spaghetti | Kenya Moore Divorcing her husband & Fantasia on Marriage Advice

hi everybody Oh welcome welcome to tasty mukbang tasting tasting my bang tasting McBaine tasty mukbang eats yo yummy yummy yummy in my tummy I am here today with some spaghetti I like to use panini noodles for my spaghetti and I have some garlic bread from Trader Joe’s and some corn on the cob […]

Ellen Helps Reunite a Family for Million Dollar May

As I said, before the show starts, I’m backstage in my dressing room, and I watched the audience dance before I come out here, and I saw this one audience member dancing before the show. Take a look at her. Look at this. Yeah. [APPLAUSE] Yep. Yep. Yep. Yep. That’s right. So I wanted to […]

Top 10 Worst Tourist Destinations

World's Best Honeymoon Destinations

Honeymoons are a great way to unwind and celebrate your newlife as a married couple. From tropical bungalowsto snowy landscapes, there's a place for everyone. Here are some of the world'sbest honeymoon destinations. In Mexico, head to Valle de Guadalupe for a wine lover's retreat. 90 minutes from the Mexican border is a must-visit wineregion […]