Holiday Break

why is there sparkle in her eye as she walks by papers snowflakes in the hallway sequins on earth threw at her smiling at this snowy her step is light her eyes aglow she's outside now playing and snow sheer laughing without care why is all this it's holiday break that's every teachers favorite time […]

Destination Camp-cation

today I discover Wisconsin destination camp pation forget everything you thought you knew about camping because camping for the fun of it campgrounds are stepping it up a notch from jumping pillows to petting zoos beach parties and water slides this is camping like he's never seen it before join us as we explore sinks […]

Barbie & Ken Airplane Travel Routine – Holiday Hotel Vacation – Titi Dolls

I'm almost done packing my suitcases I have all of my clothes my shoes and now I need other essentials like hair dryer and makeup oh so many things well here I have all of my necessities toothbrush sunglasses other stuff another pair of sunglasses because you always in need – and my laptop now […]

Kanika, A Short Film feat Nidhi Bisht | Girliyapa Ciné

The day after he met me,he’d said “I love you” We take the same busevery evening… Bus no. 107 He knows I sit by the window, and pretendingto look at the sea, he glances at me He has penned my namebehind the seat; I start giggling whenever someoneenquires, who 'Kanika' is. I've always loved weddings.. […]

Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! | How To Save A Wedding | Boomerang UK


hey you want to play with the ball with me I'm gonna show you a cool trick watch this sky mama said no climbing on things no I got this I'm almost up no sky sitting on the ball are you no no I think I want my leg real bad I think it's broken […]

Marvel Pint Size Heroes Holiday Edition Blind Bag Unboxing Full Box Review | PSToyReviews

hey guys it's healing and Paul and today we have something really fun it's Christmas in July that's a thing that's a thing so today we are opening a Funko a pint-sized hero heroes your pint-sized heroes these are the Marvel pint-sized heroes and they are super cute because they are wearing either Christmas clothing […]