Treasure Hunt – Search For The Bandits Cash💰 / That YouTub3 Family

(“Gold Rush” by Kevin MacLeod) – Hi guys, welcome back to– – [Family] That YouTub3 Family! – Minus two. – Yup, Audrey and Jordan are home doing homework, while we get to go on an adventure with the boys. What are we doing today Jake? – Metal detecting! – We heard there was treasure up […]

T.I. Has A Woman Over When Tiny Drops Off The Kids | T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle | VH1

Mama. Girl, mama. (baby whines) You hear what I’m saying. Mama! Who she think she is? Why I’m mad? What I’m mad about? You– you changed your tone once she wasn’t saying mama. I was changing my tone to the way she was changing her tone. It didn’t really sound like a good tone. I […]

Hello Neighbor Real Life Christmas Jammies (Kids Favorite)/ That YouTub3 Family | Family Channel

[Quirky Music] – Hi guys, and welcome back to… – That YouTub3 Family! – And today we’re playing Hello Neighbor in… – Our Christmas jammies! – Our Christmas jammies. – In a cabin. – Alright, so, the way that this game is played, is one person is the neighbor, everybody else has to go outside. […]

Carry On Luggage ONLY!?! Family Travel ✈️ 6 People For 7 DAYS!

– [Jennifer] Hey everybody, it’s Jennifer with the Family Fudge. If you’re new here, thanks for stopping by. Now if you don’t already know, we are a family of six and we love to travel and we do it as often as we can. Now on this channel, I’ve shared how I pack and organize […]


– Hey guys, it’s me Coleen, and I’m pregnant still. I was gonna post a different video today but a lot of you have been begging me to post the full reaction of my family and friends ever since I did my pregnancy announcement. But for those of you who are not interested in the […]

I Love My Annoying Spouse: Bobby & Susan Meet in the Not-So-Friendly Skies

Go you go. Hi, I’m Susan. I’m Bobby Parker. What’s up? Hey… Um, so, we have been married for five years. A little over five. Just over five and uh, we met, uh, you know, six years ago. In the friendly skies. In the friendly skies. Across America. Yes. Somewhere over, I think it was […]

Escape The Bandits (Hidden Ancient Treasure Found) / That YouTub3 Family I The Adventurers

– [Narrator] Previously on The Bandits, and that family. – So, we’re going to make our way to the, um, hut that we found last time and see if we can um, find any clues to this map. (exclaiming) – It’s their hats and boots. – [Mom] Wait, what? – That’s our old map. – […]

Heather Yang FREEZES Steve Harvey! | Celebrity Family Feud

Give me Jeff. Give me Kiya. ♪♪ Alright, guys, here we go. Top seven answers on the board. Name something grown-ups have to do that little kids should be glad they don’t have to do. [ Ringing ] Work. Work. Every day. [ Ding ] Let’s go. We’re playing. Alright. We’re right back. Lori, name […]

We Are Family: Adrian & Angie (4:32) | Greater Than AIDS

Getting on top of a ladder, but as long as something doesn’t fall on your head. No, I don’t trust you on the ladder anymore. Adrian is a wonderful – I always going to say kid because he’s always going to be my kid. She’s the definition of resilience. And I think a lot of […]

Kids Tell Their Parents How They Lost Their Virginity | Cut

When was your first time? When do you think my first time was? I think when you guys went to homecoming (laughs) Yeah, no, that wasn’t the first time but That wasn’t the first time? I’m Lance and this is my dad, Cliff. Hi I’m (name) This is my mom. Today we are talking about […]