Foreign spouses, children to appear on Korean resident registrations

The Korean government has announced changes to a law that has until now prevented Koreans from listing a foreign spouse or child as family members on their resident registration cards. Under the current system, a spouse or child with foreign nationality does not appear on a Korean national’s registration,… and on paper, the Korean would […]

Gov′t to create better environment for marriage to boost birth rate ′3포세대′청년 결

The Korean government has been trying to reduce childcare expenses for families… in an effort to boost the country′s chronically low birth rate That hasn′t proven to be of much help, so instead, the government is shifting its attention to create a better environment for young married couples who are just getting started. Kim Min-ji […]

Unknown Woman | 이름없는 여자 – Ep.62 [ENG/2017.07.28]

(Episode 62) Yeori… What brings you here? Hello. I came because I missed Maya so much. – Maya. / – Great-auntie. I’ve missed you too. Please call Secretary Hong for me. Actually, where did Haeju’s mom go? He asked for Secretary Hong and then for Haeju’s mom. Hong Jiwon was his secretary before they got […]

Korea on course for record-low childbirth and marriage rates in 2016

Korea is on course this year to record its lowest-ever numbers of new marriages and childbirths. According to Statistics Korea, in the first nine months of this year, 317-thousand babies were born,… a decline of 5 percent from the same period last year. A similar trend was seen in the marriage rate… as 205-thousand couples […]

Court upholds law in Japan on spouses having same last name

Across the Pacific… Japan′s highest court has upheld a law that married couples must have the same surname. Bruce, how did the ruling come about? Sure. A few years ago… a group of plaintiffs challenged the 19th century law saying… it′s unconstitutional and violates human rights. Japan′s Supreme Court rejected that argument today. Some citizens […]

Wedding Dresses Across Asia

(“Mink and Shoes” by Psychemagik)

Marriage and birth rate drop as young population decreases 한국 인국 동향: 혼인건수 감소, 출생아수 감소

Latest government figures show. the number of people getting married in Korea has seen a significant drop in recent years. while the nation’s birth rate is also sliding. from its already extremely low level. Our Connie Lee has this report. Fewer wedding bells. and fewer cries from babies — this is the state of Korea […]

2014 Korean marriage rate drops to all-time low 작년 혼인율 ′역대최저′

These days, younger Koreans are choosing to get married later,… if at all. As a result, Korea′s marriage rate fell to an all-time low last year. Statistics Korea reported on Thursday,.. that only six in every one-thousand Koreans tied the knot in 2014. That′s the lowest rate on record, since the government began collecting related […]

Candy Craftsmanship: Korea’s First Family of a Classic Confection

(energetic instrumental music) – [Narrator] In Chungju, South Korea, there is a family carrying on a generations-long tradition of making yeot, an old school Korean treat that is still popular today. (speaks in foreign language) – [Narrator] Yeot dates back more than 1,000 years to the Goryeo Dynasty. (speaks in foreign language) (playful instrumental music) […]

My Fiancé Gets Fitted For Our Korean Wedding

– All right, I am about to see Matt. Oh, my god! – [Matt] I love it. – [Matt And Glory] Wassup ninjas? – This is Slice. – And Rice. – Our wedding is almost here and we need you to subscribe, so we can get – [Matt And Glory] a million before marriage. – […]