Last Minute Christmas Decor Ideas! 10 Creative DIY Christmas Decorations and Christmas Hacks

There we go! These merry room decorations will surely impress Jessica! Shiny Christmas lights here and there always does the job! You sure did light up the Christmas vibe here, buddy! As long as she doesn’t look at urgh this pillow… I don’t think your fashionista girlfriend will be impressed… Where the Christmas lights nothing […]

DIY Last Minute Easy Halloween Ghost Decoration

Let’s keep making some last minute DIY Halloween decorations, shall we Hey, you got a chair Nick, how are you today? I am the glorious right trainwreck mom this your first time here What go for trainwreck glad to have you here. This channel is a safe space for all train wrecks except here We […]

Candidates, Spouses, Surrogates Reach Across Seven States

bjbjVwVw JUDY WOODRUFF: After devoting the first half of the week to Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath, the president returned to the campaign trail today. With the election around the corner, Mr. Obama received a surprise endorsement. With the devastation of the megastorm consuming his attention, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg surprised the political […]

30 Last-Minute COUPLE Halloween Costume Ideas! DIY Costumes!

Hey guys, it’s Chloe, and I’m back at you with another, Cloetober videoooooooo-ho-ho-yo-yo Oh-ho-ho-ho last week I uploaded 30 last minute group Halloween Costumes. *scooby doo music* I’ll have that linked below if you guys want to watch it. Along with all my other Halloween videos. But today We are doing 30 couple Halloween Costumes. […]

Affordable Prom Makeup, Hair & Dress + GIVEAWAY

hi guys welcome back so now for you a makeup tutorial perfect for prom or any of these special events are coming up like graduation weddings all that fun stuff so I hope you guys enjoy stick to the end because there's a special surprise let's jump right into the mix as always all the […]


Hey guys, it's Ro. it's the holiday season and I'm hanging out with Cookie So you may see a little nugget over here. She probably will fall asleep We just got back from doing a little bit of holiday shopping And I wanted to make a video to share some of the cool things that […]

Life Saving Wedding Hacks You Must Try! DIY Life Hacks and More by Blossom

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Trying Fun Holiday Gadgets w/ iJustine!