Till Debt Do Us Part: Merging Accounts After Marriage

– A big hand, I’m here with my friend and financial expert, my girl, Lynn Richardson. (audience applauds) – Hey! – Lynn’s new book is called “Your Man & Your Money” and today, Lynn and I are gonna help this lovely young couple solve their financial problems. Please welcome Nic and Carly. (audience applauds) – […]

Hilaria Baldwin on Married Life w/ Alec Baldwin | One Night Only: Alec Baldwin

– There are advantages to being married to a man Alex’s age. For one thing, he’s a wonderful grandfather to our children. (audience laughs) Every night… (audience applauds) I’m going on, my friend. (audience laughs) Every night, I make sure that the baby is fed, I get him in his pajamas, I put him to […]

Marriage Real Talk: Fighting Fair || STEVE HARVEY

– Let’s start over here. How do you fight fair? – First of all, you pick your battles. We know where each others buttons are. We know how to push them, we know how to back off and just go into the other room and let it lie. – We talk all the time and […]

Secret to a Happy Marriage – Laughing with Mary

Today’s question comes from Sharon in Sante Fe. She says my granddaughter is getting married this summer and asked for the secret to a happy marriage what should i tell her? That’s a wonderful question, Sharon. It’s difficult because we promise to be true to each other until death do us part but nobody ever […]

Terry Crews on Marriage and Parenting

– Please welcome my man, Terry Crews. (audience cheering) (funky music) Yeah I see you. Do you remember the first time we met? – The Burger King commercial. – Yeah man. (laughs) – Yes, we did a Burger King Commercial in a park. – Yeah. – And I didn’t have any lines I had nothing […]

Straight Talk: Is Casual Sex Destroying Marriage? || STEVE HARVEY

– Do you think easy accessibility to casual sex has anything to do with the declining marriage rate amongst younger people? – You know what Steve? I don’t think that social media having more accessibility to it makes you more of a ho. Alright? I don’t think you scrolling then all of a sudden something […]

Straight Talk: Marry for Love or Money? || STEVE HARVEY

– Is it wise to pick financial security over love when it comes to settling down with someone? – Absolutely. – Yes. – Yes? – It’s wise, but I haven’t ever been able to do it. It’s wise! – I learned a long time ago, – Over love? – Wait, I learned a long time […]

Michael’s HORROR show 😱 for unsuspecting couple ends in tears of joy – BBC

It is time to find out who will be tonight’s Unexpected Star of the show! Wow. In a Big Show first, ladies and gentlemen, we are surprising not one, but two people. Tonight, a married couple will be duetting as our Unexpected Stars. AUDIENCE MEMBER: Whoo! Oh, good, that’s nice. So let’s meet tonight’s Unexpected […]

Marriage Real Talk: Keeping Up the Sex Life || STEVE HARVEY

– We’ve got some couples in the audience who’ve got some questions for our panel, so Jamechia and Jean-Mario, they’re newlyweds who need some advice. What’s your question? – So we’ve been married for two years, so technically, still newlyweds. And we heard, even before we got married, we heard that once you are married, […]

A Sweet Couple Crashes Steve’s Monologue! || STEVE HARVEY

– Are you really attached to your iPhone? Most people are. – I just got a — You just have what? You have a Jitterbug. (laughter) you have, Reuben go to her. This could be better than the monologue I wrote this. (laughter) You have a what? – A flip phone. You know, it’s together. […]