How to Ruin a Family Vacation

– I try and schedule tours around school breaks, you know like at Christmas one year I did a bunch of shows in Florida, my wife and kids came down. My wife’s family also came down, ’cause they didn’t want us to have a good time. (audience laughing) I’m kidding, I love my wife’s family. […]

Last To Leave The Table WINS Mystery Prize! / That YouTub3 Family I Family Channel

Couple Gets Married in the Middle of a September Snowstorm

It was supposed to be a gorgeous wedding in a breathtaking setting. Then a freak blizzard struck. With wind howling and snow blowing sideways, newlyweds Sean and Brittany Tuohy managed to grin and bear it, sharing a kiss and enjoying the day in Spokane, Washington. Look, the bride is wearing a gown that’s sleeveless with […]

JOKER – Final Trailer – Now Playing In Theaters

♪♪♪ Ahh! [LAUGHING] Will you please stop bothering my kid?Sorry.Arthur,I have some bad news for you.[LAUGHING] This is the last time we’ll be meeting. You don’t listen do you?You just ask the same questions every week.How is your job?Are you having any negative thoughts?All I have, are negative thoughts. [TV PLAYING] -And finally…in a world […]

How To Perform Oral Sex | Ali Wong | Netflix Is A Joke

– Do you know how long it took me to train my husband to eat my pussy correctly? (audience laughing) I’m not going back out into the world, find somebody new to coach all over again. (audience laughing) It’s too much work. All of that knowledge that my husband has now, all of that time […]

A Family Man

♪♪ He worked late hours, especially in the wintertime, ’cause you had to keep the pipes from freezin’. And workin’ in the boiler room, it’s burnin’ up hot and it’s probably like, over 100 degrees down there. -Did he ever talk about what it was like to do that kind of work? -He didn’t have […]

Try Not To Laugh With Dad Jokes! / That YouTub3 Family

– Here’s Sparky! – [Mom] What is Sparky doing? – Sledding. – [Mom] Down our banister? What? – [Jake] Looks like he’s gotta lot of fun. – [Mom] That’s actually a good idea, Sparky. – [Jake] He’s like, “Let’s go!” – [Mom] I think Sparky likes to have fun. What do you think? – Yeah […]

Dave Chappelle’s Abortion Stance | Netflix Is A Joke

– I’ll be real with ya, and I know nobody gives a fuck what I think anyway, I’m not for abortion. (audience member cheering) Oh, shut up nigga. (audience laughing) (audience cheering) I’m not for it, but I’m not against it either. (audience cheering) It all depends on who I get pregnant. (audience laughing) (audience […]

Wedding STRESS – That Cousin Show Podcast Episode #50

Are you gonna charge people to come to your wedding? Yeah, I’ll actually charge enough to make a profit. You’re the one, you’re the one. $200 a person, and you’re gonna have like Taco Bell boxes. Yeah! Everyone gets Taco Bell and charge everyone 500 bucks. You know what… I might do it. 50 episodes, […]

The Thundermans Family Says a Final Goodbye 😢 | Nick

You’re gonna fry our brains? Can’t believe I nerd flirted with you. [laughing] I can. Gamer’s got game. [laughing] Hank, we have to do something. – Other than eat the food pellets. – Oh. He’s making me eat it. I am not even touching the controller. [laughing] Do something, Dr. Colosso. I am. I’m gonna […]