"Walter's holiday cheer" | Jeff Dunham's Very Special Christmas Special | JEFF DUNHAM

so Walter you look very festive happy holidays you're really gonna try this aren't you happy holidays I am NOT doing any Christmas crap it'll be fun you are so gay just pretend what fake it does your wife do that too [Applause] well you know you used to hurt my feelings now I realize […]

Honest Family Holiday When You’re An Adult

– Happy Holidays, girls. It's so nice that you couldfinally take three days out of your busy lives to comeand visit the two people who cared for your every need for 18 years. – Aw, we're so happy to have you guys cooking and cleaning for us again. – Look, more presents! (laughter) I'm gonna […]

These Wedding Fails Will Have You Crying-Laughing

[Applause] [Applause] today I think you Susanna to be my wife today I take you Susanna to be my wife in your heart in your heart I have found my love [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] nobody else is good breaking glass [Applause] [Applause] hey just remember nice is overrated hey go for it [Applause] […]


hey hey hey hey hey hey what is going on guys it easy boy Jelinek a lick my gosh you guys really done know what it is and I am back with another video so you guys really know what time it is before we get into this video I'd like you guys to subscribe […]


what's up guys it's olivia here and today I'll be showing you guys my summer room tour three two one and action Gracie puts together this little video of my past rooms it and I'm gonna see what they were like because I'm so young and nice like I don't even remember how many years […]


hey hey hey you guys already doesn't know what it is it's your boy chillin and ka lick my batch and I am back with another baby alright before we get into this video I would like you guys subscribe to my channel youtube.com/ stop lick my make sure to give this video a big […]

Cinders – Like a Holiday [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Joke – Bride Forces Husband To Give Up His Hobbies…What He Says Is Hilarious*

one day a new wife tells a husband to leave all his interests and focus on her but his reply shocked her an avid fisherman and hunter Tim decided to tie the knot with his longtime girlfriend one evening not long after the honeymoon he was getting all his equipment ready for an upcoming hunt […]

10 Marriage Proposal FAILS