Finding Hope – 10th Anniversary of 9/11

My name is Victor Guzman, and I’m a 9/11 survivor. I was on the 85th floor when the first plane hit the North Tower. Since 9/11, my life has never been the same. It’s actually better. This is my story. I remember the sky was a perfect blue. It was a beautiful September morning. I […]

I TRAP my Family in our SECRET ROOM for 24 HOURS!

FOREVER MINE • Spiritual polygamy is still okay

Welcome back to another episode of A Buddhist Married a Mormon. I’m Veronica. I’m Duke. And today we’re going to be answering my questions about something someone in a class asked me when she learned… it’s very unique to Mormonism… when she learned that I was married to a Mormon she asked me some questions […]

1888 Mormon Polygamist’s Prison Autograph Book | Web Appraisal | Salt Lake City

GUEST: This was in possession of my mother who died about 10 years ago. It was my great-great-grandfather, so her great-grandfather’s. His name was Albert Jones. He was incarcerated for polygamy in the state of Utah and I guess he took this book, this autograph book, while he was in prison and he had some […]

Elder Marlin K. Jensen on Polyandry (Swedish Rescue Fireside)

So the question of Polyandry. Polygamy is when a man has multiple wives. Polyandry is when a man marries another man’s wife. Joseph did both, so your question is about polyandry

Did Women have a say in Polygamy?

Hey, I’m Hannah and this is Firm Foundations. Thanks for watching. In this series we are learning how to separate the facts from the fiction in LDS history and doctrine. In the early months of 1870, thousands of Latter-day Saint women gathered to protest in mass “indignation” meetings. What were they protesting? Polygamy, perhaps? Nope. […]

“Do we believe in Polygamy?” LDS Church Historian *Richard E. Turley Jr.* answers

[Q] But it’s not coming back. They’re still here now, isn’t it? The church says there is no polygamy, but it is. So what? Why do we talk different languages in the church? I have a friend, his wife died and he met another wife and [01:12:14-01:12:17] he will have to wives in the next […]

Why Did Mormons Have Multiple Wives (Mormon Polygamy)?

Why did Mormons practice polygamy? Before answering that, let’s deal with the other question that often comes up first. Do some Mormons still live with multiple wives? No. The practice of polygamy, also known as plural marriage, is not practiced by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, often called Mormons, today. Obeying the […]