Our Lesbian Wedding! [CC]

When you were my bride, you were the person I couldn’t stop staring at all day long. Hi C: Hello Welcome to our very special wedding video. I’m too excited, I can’t make words. Words are hard right now. C:Seems like ages ago. C: I was like, well it’s over six weeks ago. Life is […]

Our weekend morning routine | couples edition

Olá! Olá pessoal! Sejam bem vindas (os) ao nosso canal! Meu nome é Angelis. E eu sou a Nina. Ela é minha esposa. Olá pra você que é nova (o) inscrita ou visitante! E, é claro que, amamos dizer que sejam bem vindas (os) de volta se já está conosco por aqui faz um tempo. […]


so hey guys Mikey you just joined on this video don’t forget to go see wise tag part 1 part 2 is going to be and delete asking me questions also hi to all our subscribers and of course hello to anyone new if you don’t know who we are this is and release my […]


hi guys hi guys today we are here with Ariel she’s a must persevere to be the head oh ok if you don’t know her channel go check it out her link it’s here I and chanel loves me ok guys so today we are going to do a major single versus married so we’re […]

SINGING CHALLENGE | married couple | Angelis & Nina

[Music] hello guys hi guys welcome back to our Channel welcome back hello to new subscribers and of course hello again to everyone that’s been with us for however long you’ve been with us we love you what are we going to do today or wait let’s introduce ourselves do you know who we are […]

AN ELEGANT PICNIC DAY WITH MY LOVE | Angelis & Nina | lesbian married couple

what’s up guys hey guys welcome back to our channel my name is Nina and this is Anjali from actually Selina Wow if you are new don’t forget to subscribe and if you like our video please give us a thumbs up because it always helps thank you very much and hello to everyone watching […]


[Music] hi guys hi guys my name is Angeles and I’m Nina and this is my beautiful my and today we’re gonna talk about married life married life I don’t wanna cook on sandwiches to do a video like Eskie how is a married life we don’t know we want to know Allah Allah and […]

VLOG A DAY WITH US | married couple | Angelis & Nina

good morning my love good morning my beautiful come around together come together right now over me hey guys unite so happy Sunday so we decided that which is going to take you with us on like maybe a typical Sunday maybe not a typical Sunday and not only offers I think is typical nothing […]

NIGHT ROUTINE married couple

hey guys hi guys welcome back to our channel this is my wife and Julie’s my beautiful wonderful lovely so today you are going to see our night routine so enjoy this video is done by popular demand don’t forget to subscribe and give a thumbs up if you liked it look we love you […]

CHAPSTICK CHALLENGE | married couple Angelis & Nina

get close come on freeze freakin fridge thank you much hey guys welcome back if you want have been subscribing if you haven’t subscribed yet and you’re coming back then you need to subscribe what’s up I’m Nina and release Amina Angeles in unison ok Shh sorry not the time yes so today we’re gonna […]