Wedding Showers and Bachelor/ette Parties Explained

This episode is brought to you by Squarespace. So Hank, I heard you threw a party video without me? I did not throw a party video without you, I hosted a party video. Come to think of it, why were you not at my party video? Don’t worry about it. Not everybody can make it […]

6 Life Saving Winter Wedding Hacks You Must Try | #LifeHacks #Skincare #HairCare #ShrutiArjunAnand

this happened if you do too much of shampooing we love to make lather while shampooing but excessive amount of shampoo is harmful for our hair so you need to dilute the shampoo then apply on your scalp gently rub no need to apply it all over the length as the shampoo itself comes down […]

Best HS Graduation Speech Ever! Weber High Graduation 2015

You know, I’ve never understood how, um, imagining the audience naked was supposed to make you less nervous. Honestly I’m just uncomfortable right now. Especially with Mr. Wardle. Um, okay. To ensure clear communication with this “social media generation”, hashtags and pop-culture references will be used. #you’rewelcome. Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Today is an […]

S2 E7: Is engagement the thing you’re avoiding that could change everything?

Hey, hey, hey, welcome to the crystal crawford show I’m your host crystal Crawford. It’s me and me today talking about engagement uh, I was gonna make this show about something a little more comfortable to talk about and I changed it at the last minute to Make it about something. I’m not so comfortable […]