7 Ways to Make a Conversation With Anyone | Malavika Varadan | TEDxBITSPilaniDubai

Translator: Hang Do Reviewer: Queenie Lee Hello, everybody. I’m going to start with a question. How many of you know the person sitting next to you from before today? Interesting. So, do you remember the first conversation that you ever had with that person? You know conversations are links. Let’s imagine every conversation to be […]

How Was Earth Formed & Made? 🤔 God of Wonders (Sneak Peek 4)

How Was Earth Formed & Made? – God of Wonders thousands of years ago God asked job have you entered the Treasury of snow now no man living at that time could have known fully about the treasures of the snow but with the advent of the microscope these elaborate crystals can now be wholly […]

To find work you love, don’t follow your passion | Benjamin Todd | [email protected]

Translator: Queenie Lee Reviewer: Ivana Korom When I graduated from university, I didn’t know what career I wanted to choose. I had a lot of interests, but which interest should I pursue and try and turn into a job? So, back then, I was really interested in martial arts. Here’s me. But I didn’t want […]

How Was Earth Formed & Made? 🤔 God of Wonders (Sneak Peek 2)

How Was Earth Formed & Made? – God of Wonders then God said let the waters are bound with an abundance of living creatures and let birds fly above the earth so God created every living thing that moves and God saw that it was good in the book of Genesis we read that God […]

‘Sadhguru – More than a life’ – A Biography by Arundathi Subramaniam

The book had it’s beginnings in a walk that Sadhguru and I once took. We were walking around the Ashram I remember. I think it was sometime in 2006, and I mentioned to him that it was a pity that there wasn’t any real chronicle of his life available and it seems like such an […]

Is Masturbation Always a Sin?

We’ll go right back the phone calls. Next up is Jay in Greensboro, North Carolina. Hi Jay! Hello, hello Mr. Hanegraaff, I appreciate your time sir. God bless you. God bless you. Um, my question is– maybe it’s a little uncomfortable but I know that you’ll be good to the Word and you know, find […]

Life Change: Spouse/Partner Loss: What Do You Do AFTER the Wounds Heal? Here’s a Start

We’re talking about partner loss, whether it’s through divorce, or death, or whatever. One of the patterns that I see quite a bit, and I put it in the blog post, so i’m not going to repeat it, is people settling, people looking for happiness, outside of ourselves; and delaying moving forward on our own […]

How Was Earth Formed & Made? 🤔 God of Wonders (Sneak Peek 5)

How Was Earth Formed & Made? – God of Wonders scripture explains that it is the Lord Himself who was upholding all things by the word of his power this includes every atom every cell every star and the entire universe it is now undeniable that the almighty has created a universe with unlimited energy […]

The Wedding Of Ashley & Mike | 4k

I just want to say congratulations Mike & Ashley There’s rare couples that you see in life that you know they will spend the rest of their life together Mike & Ashley were one of the few couples I’ve seen in my life that I knew right away So Just want to say congratulations and […]

Wedding Dress Shopping | The White Room Review | Lifestyle | Life Like Zoe

today I am going to be reviewing my experience wedding-dress shopping at the white room in Lebanon Tennessee the white room has two locations one in Lebanon Tennessee and one in Murfreesboro Tennesse. I personally did my shopping at the location in Lebanon I may go to the Murfreesboro location in the future because they […]