Wedding Day Makeup Tips & Advice : Applying Lip Liner & Lipstick for Wedding Day Makeup

Welcome to Expert Village. This is Kim Brown. Okay, in this segment we are going to be doing lips and I am going to show you lining the lips and how to have to have a fuller lip or a smaller lip depending on what your preference is and then applying lipstick. We chose neutral […]

I Tried 3 Wedding Day Looks

(upbeat music) – I’m so curious to know what is going on here. Oh my God, I’m gonna cry. – [Female] Oh my God. – Hey, I’m Niki. And this is my fiance Kelsie. We’re getting married this year. And we can’t wait to make this perfect day our own. It’s Wedding Season, and this […]

Makeup Tips : How to Apply Makeup for Your Wedding

I heard you’re getting married, and you’ve tuned in to get great tips to apply your wedding makeup, this is the right place. My name is Sylvia Russell and this is how you can apply your makeup for a wedding. Now, as you can see, I have my eyelashes here because we want to look […]

Shameless: The Real-Life Couples Revealed | ⭐OSSA

We’ve been watching the Gallaghers family for nine years. Now as the show is back with a new season, we are anxious to find out what the actors of the show are like in real life! Watch our video and find out which of her brothers from the show Emma Kenney had a crush on. […]

Korean Couples Try The Blind Kissing Challenge!

( KK : Do you kiss a lot?) Wh…what? Wait…What did you just say? (Laugh) Would you mind repeating what you’ve just said? Wait… (What is the type of lips that trigger kisses?) Moist… Tasty? Lips with nice flavor… Full lips… Smooth ones Moist… (How do you keep your lips attractive?) (Thinking) You certainly have […]

Snog Marry Avoid Pierced Goth couple Full episode s01e02 part 1 of 2

One Two three Have You ever Seen Those Girls Who Wear too much Makeup Too Much Bells Tan They Carry Extenders and Daffy Long Nails and Think how Great They look Without it all This is the show for you the Girls of the uk are drowning in Bakery and They Really don’t need it […]

Chicago Bulls Cheerleader Surprised With Marriage Proposal