It’s A Beautiful LOL Doll Beach Wedding!! LOL BRIDE GG CUSTOM Series 3 Special Guest ARIANA GRANDE

I I just love it here at the beach. It’s my absolute favorite thing to do in life, I think, coming to the beach. What would you say your favorite thing to do in life is, Splash? Well, being a little beach baby myself I definitely love coming to the beach too. I’d have to […]

Wedding Surprise ✰ Wife’s Reaction Should Be Amazing ✔︎ (Hairstyle for Men) Hair Building Fibers

Surprise! wedding day How to surprise wife on the wedding day! Best Hairstyle for bald hair!

Neon QT Visits Skipper Barbie Pets Shop + Lil Sisters lost – Confetti Pop Season 2 Episode Unboxed!

I can't get it out I can't get the door open we have a bunch of little sisters coming into the shop today which one of these are those sisters we'll get a new pet we'll be a little sleeping baby little cherry or little baby put your guts in the comments what a super […]

Barbie LOL Family Travel Routine – Baby Goldies First Airplane Ride

mommy I think I'm too big to go on this baby carrier and you can place all your belongings on this purple tray welcome aboard seatbelts everybody thank you I really really gotta go oh no there's so many people in line you're watching TT toys and dolls mommy I think I'm too big to […]

Barbie LOL Prom Princess Family Morning Routine – Baby Goldie Gets a Makeover

where is the orange juice okay mommy I'm dressed I'll fix your hair when we get to the salon here little lady my name is Johnny I'm gonna be nervous now you have a rainbow hair just like your mom you're watching TT toys and dolls where is the orange juice got it let's put […]

LOL Surprise Dolls Visit Playmobil Jail + Bathroom Store | Toy Egg Videos

I'm sorry please don't take me okay girls if you're really good while we're at the salon today maybe we can get some ice cream afterwards yeah would you like that sweet treat yeah yeah I'll be good ice cream ice cream me too me too best little sister sweetie sweetie ice cream come on […]

Barbie LOL Family Punk Boi Asks Baby Goldie to the Pre School Prom

the problem with me I wonder if I should ask Goldie to go with me well they can I talk to you for a sec nothing says party you like balloon that's try on some dresses or scolding it's time to announce prom queen and prom king you're watching TT toys and dolls good morning […]

LOL Surprise Doll Visits The Dentist

hey guys this is hygiene here and today lol dog kit Queen is opening her dental office oh I am so excited you guys I studied so long to become a dentist and I finally yeah and I get to open my office today let's head in and check it out oh look at my […]

LOL Surprise Dolls Visit Beach and Aquarium with Sharks for Lil Sisters – Bunk Beds Toy Video

Wow oh my goodness okay how many sharks do you think the lol dolls will see today will they see one two or three sharks put your guts in the comments well girls what do you think ready for a great day at the beach yeah yeah we want go play alright why don't you […]

Unicorn and Pharaoh Babe Babysit Custom LOL Surprise Dolls Visits Punk Boi

Oh a nice privacy door hey close the doors on the door my privacy please oh sorry sorry sorry I didn't know anybody was in there all right here we are you two at nursery school I don't wanna go nursery school today and one stay home with you oh but you'll have so much […]