Couple Gets Married in the Middle of a September Snowstorm

It was supposed to be a gorgeous wedding in a breathtaking setting. Then a freak blizzard struck. With wind howling and snow blowing sideways, newlyweds Sean and Brittany Tuohy managed to grin and bear it, sharing a kiss and enjoying the day in Spokane, Washington. Look, the bride is wearing a gown that’s sleeveless with […]

The Moment You Knew I Wanted To Marry You | {THE AND} Rachel & Kristoph

Hey guys, it’s Anndi here at the skin-deep We love the work that we do and if you do too – please consider supporting us at enjoy Describe the moment you knew you loved me Oh boy Well was-there was an initial love like I said at the very beginning when I first met […]

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Divorced Couple Looks At Their Wedding Photos

it's a good reminder that things things were good and will be again they are good I'm Sarah purchase FB and today I'm gonna be looking at my wedding pictures with my ex-husband it should be interesting we met through friends well technically we met in a bar but we knew people so it feels […]

Beautiful Destination Wedding in Grand Palladium Jamaica // Kelly and Caylen