Family Gets Weird in a Game of Fear Pong | Fear Pong | Cut

– Act out your three favorite sex positions. Your kids must watch. (laughs) (orchestral music) [Camera Man] Hi! – [All] Hey! – I’m Edda, I’m their mom, and this is my husband. – I’m Kim, I’m their stepdad. – I’m Zack, the youngest boy in the family. – [Camera Man] Out of how many? – […]

One Year Anniversary│Spanish Sahara

Franky you are the most beautiful person i have ever seen I could do this with you everyday miss Bak what are you saying? you and me aren’t going to fall into orbit we don’t get to choose who we love aren’t we gonna kiss why is this going to be different? i wasn’t in […]

The Most Romantic Wedding Anniversary |Travel Vlog | Cancun Mexico | Family Vlog

what we wanted to experience you know because most people you stay within the touristy areas all you get is more America yeah so this is like more Mexican which is good hola from Mexico it is the night of our anniversary I am like so excited we also have dinner on the beach before […]

Family Designs Secret Tattoos for Each Other | Secret Santa Tattoo

– Mother– – [Ty] Breathe. – Oh. – Ahh. (DeeDee screaming) – Merry Christmas. This is one of the best Christmas gifts ever. (Christmas music) – I’m Nae. – I’m DeeDee. – I’m Ty. – I’m Diana, and these are my daughters. – [Narrator] Who’s your favorite? (mom laughing) – Whoa, hold on. – I […]

Mark & Nico Wedding Highlights | #NicoGetsMARKed2018 | Mark & Nico

I thank God every day for blessing my life, and now I get to spend it with you. People say it’s bad. It’s bad for a man to love another man. Well, Babe, if loving you is bad, why does it feel so good? I vow to be loyal, honest, and respectful. But, ultimately, I […]

Joyful, Southern Wedding at a Horse Farm | Anna & Jackson | Alabama Wedding Video

Anna Michelle Mixon it seems like we have been waiting a lifetime for this big day to come and it’s finally here. Ever since that day I met you in chemistry class you have had a place in my heart. You look so beautiful. I realized I did not have a choice but to ask […]

The GREATEST Wedding Proposal EVER!!!

After being together for a thousand nights,… …vincent decided to propose to his girlfriend… …in a unique way. Unaware of what’s in store… …she was lured to the cinema where she saw a very special trailer. In which fact met fiction, and fiction became fact. This is a story about him. And yes he rides […]