Who Sang The “I’m (Not) Getting Married” Fast Parts Best?

Perdonenme, ¿Están todos ahí? Porque si están todos ahí quiero agradecerles por haber venir a la boda Les agradecería más el que se fueran, digo, deben de tener mejores cosas por hacer Y ni una palabra a Paul ¿Se acuerdan de Paul? El hombre con el que me casaré.. Pero no lo haré. Porque no […]

Holiday Dinner Party

I made turkey and stuffing and hot mashedpotatoes Yams and a ham and some fried green tomatoes But I had forgot what my friends could have or have not: Charlie could not have cheddar Cuz it clashes with his meds Lee's on a low carb diet Couldn't sample any breads Anya could not have onions […]

Who Sang The "I'm (Not) Getting Married" Fast Parts Best?

pardon me is everybody there because of everybody's there I want to thank you all for coming to the wedding at appreciate your going even more I mean you must have lots of better things to do another word of it to Paul remember Paul you know the man I'm gonna marry it but I'm […]