Interior Decoration – Trend 2018 – Ghar kaise sajaye

Rich and vibrant colors such as orange and dark blue interiors or in the kitchen Concrete cement and different stone made sink. no more traditional ceramic or steel sink Vintage lighting with Edison bulbs or exposed bulbs Lavender and lilac for interior and upholstery Soothing and relaxing Green color for sofa, paintings or decorative items […]

Beautiful bottle Decoration|Pattern Making|Texture Making|Antique look|Vintage look|Wine Bottle

Hi everyone. Welcome to my channel. In this video I am going to show you how I decorated an old beer bottle. First I got an old beer bottle. and I painted the entire bottle using acrylic primer. when the primer was dried, I pasted wall putty on the bottle. You can get wall putty […]

Fish mural bottle decoration|wax effect| diy|Bottle Craft|Bottle art|home decoration ideas|how to

hey guys welcome back in this video I’m going to share a homemade wax recipe and using those wax, I am also going to transform a bottle with wax effect I hope you’ll enjoy the video. If you like the video please press the like button and subscribe to my channel now let’s have a […]

Beautiful flower bottle decoration|best out of waste|clay flowersglass bottle decoration ideas|part2

Hey guys, welcome back. In this video I am going to share a bottle transformation using the thai clay flowers that I made in my last video. If you wish to see the Thai clay recipe and the flower making process you can check the description of this video you will get to see the […]

NiKO in DiSNEYLAND!! Minnie Mouse meets the kids and family for an Ultimate BEST DAY EVER!


Hi everyone, welcome to my channel If you’re new here then my name is Smitha today I’ll show you this bridal look please don’t forget to like and subscribe lets start the tutorial I’m starting with my brows and to fill them, I’m using Anastasia Beverley Hills dip brow pomade in dark brown you can […]

Meet the Rocker We Gave a MAJOR Makeover Weeks Before His Wedding! | Rachael Ray Show

The first thing we’re gonna do is flip a look. That’s why I have my friend, Kyan Douglas here. Can you guess… (audience clapping) Can ya guess who’s look we might be flipping? (laughing) This is Dan. Dan the man here, is going to step up to plate. He’s gonna get married to Maria, in […]


Ich wünsche mir von meinem Umstyling heute, dass es praktisch, bodenständig und einfach für mich nachzumachen ist. Herzlich willkommen zu einer weiteren Umstyling Folge aus unserem Romantikhotel im Münsterland. Heute geht es um einen jungen Look mit grauen Haaren. Mein Name ist Brigitte ich bin 63 Jahre alt und komme aus Hamburg. Ich bin ausgebildete […]

the in-law suite | the east family

(gentle jazzy music) – What’s up everyone, welcome back to our channel. I’m Shawn. – [Andrew] I’m Andrew. – And we are – [Andrew] The East Fam, what up!? – Today is another house series episode and because you guys gave us all thumbs up and you wanted to see another room that Room Secret […]

Dax Shepard’s Love Advice, Hannah Hart’s Makeover, & Burning Questions with Colin Farrell & Ellen

[music] Hi, cutie. Hi! I like that you’re back again. I was hoping this would be a regular thing, and I think it’s going to be. I never left. Oh, really? Yes, I’ve been sitting back there– I didn’t see you. –just waiting. Put me in, Coach. I didn’t realize. OK. So you are here […]