Easy HAIRSTYLE Hacks For WEDDING Season | #Bridal #Party #Anaysa

we have made this video keeping all those problems regarding wedding but we did so hard work to shoot it its not hard to make hairstyles but its shooting need a lot of effort and if you seen that hard work in our videos so get this video to 70,000 LIKES and if they truly […]

Bridal Makeup Tips : Wedding Day Skin Care

Step one you want to prep your skin before you apply your make-up. It’s very, very important. Now if you are at home. Once you get out of the shower your face will be nice and cleansed and you want to moisturize right away. I am going to use a make-up remover wipe. Which if […]

Wedding Makeup Tips for Women of Color : Applying Foundation Makeup for Your Wedding

Next up is a foundation primer now I think this is essential for a wedding makeup. What a foundation primer does is it usually fills in any lines, any pores, any discoloration that reflex light. Obviously my girlfriend Katerina got gorgeous skin so she really doesn’t really need it but on the day on her […]

Princess Eugenie And Jack Brooksbank Wedding Highlights | British Royals | InStyle

So long as you both shall live? I will. I will.

Valentines Smokey eye | A Vicious Vixen

Hey everybody it’s Renee and I have a Valentine’s Day tutorial for y’all So first I’m just wiping off my eyelid because they’re oily Now I’m going to go in with Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion in original. I’m going to use the applicator to put it on my lid and then I’m going to […]

Wedding Makeup Tips for Women of Color : Eye Makeup Wedding Day Tips for Black Women

Next up we are going to work on Katerina eyes which are beautifully portion as they are and they are going to be really easy to do. Now what I’m going to do to make them stand out a little bit more is do something that we call a tight line we call that in […]

Indian Wedding Makeup – Step by Step For Beginners in Hindi | Shruti Arjun Anand

You’ve seen so many bridal kits & also my videos too guys we bought all these products but getting confused like how to use them & what are the different looks we can create from these also I’ll tell you how can you use these products to create a beautiful bridal look first product that […]

Kristin Gets Her Ideal Wedding Hair • Ladylike

♫ Smear smear smear smear smear smear ♫ Smear smear smear smear smear wedding (wedding music) – Kristin is getting married today. She’s literally getting married today and I’m marrying her. – Today we are trying to find Kristin’s ideal wedding hair and it’s a competition. – Kristin is gonna look like an angel today […]


hi guys and welcome back in today’s video I’m talking you through how to do this Megan Markel Dutchess of Sussex inspired makeup look I was so freaking obsessed with the royal wedding and I loved Megan’s makeup look and how natural it was I wanted to recreate it are we going to start with […]

I Tried To Get Perfect Skin For My Wedding

– [Jennifer] Ready for the first one? Feels like a little bit of a sting. One, two, and three. – Ah! – [Jennifer] How was that? – (laughs) Okay. Hey, I’m Nikki, and this is my fiance’ Kelsey. We’re getting married this year, and we can’t wait to make this perfect day our own. It’s […]