24 Hours In A Shopping Mall / That YouTub3 Family

Weird Things Couples Do In Public

(“Pizzicato”) (laughter) – Is it Dijon that I don’t like? – Huh? – Dijon mustard, do I like it, do I not like it? – No, you don’t like Dijon. – Ehhh, I think I like it. Mind if I get two, one for me and my wife? – Sure. – Thank you. – Mind […]

DIY Destinations – Israel Budget Travel Show | Full Episode

Shalom! I am going to Israel all alone with almost no money no make up, no film crew or friends, only the ones I met. Just myself experiencing amazing Israeli hospitality the breathtaking beaches going down to the caves enjoying the secret hot spring snorkeling at the Red Sea and visit the hometown of Jesus. […]

Marriage Is A Backseat Driver. Mike P Burton

Prom Dress Shopping

warning up so today is gonna be the day that we go to find Alana's dress maybe my see if I can find a suit or something for the prom that we're going to I'm right taking the kids to school and while I did that and wanted back here sweating and doing her workout […]

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