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What Are Some Emerging Destinations for Meetings & Events?

unexpected but so lovely Morocco is a destination that is it it's unexpected and at the same time it's something we've been working on a lot we want to showcase destinations that have so much to offer despite maybe some of the ideas or week we conceived notion some clients may have on these destinations […]

Malta Travel Guide – Best Spots To See In 2019

what's good people so this past September I went to Malta and it was amazing Malta is beautiful and what's crazy about it to me is that a lot of the people that I know have never heard of mountain except Dominicans who drink Mountain but we're not talking about the drink we're talking about […]

Top 5 Destroyed Tourist Destinations

the famous Azure bridge in Malta recently collapsed in the midst of a bad storm and rough seas the Mediterranean island was a popular tourist spot here are some other big tourist destinations that have been destroyed or that you can no longer visit pig beach on big major K island in the Bahamas thanks […]