Is Marriage Counseling Worth It?

you’re the one who picked it up why are you freaking out over it -It’s a giant rolly-polly It’s tickling me! okay you should put the bug away and wash your hands and you can help make muffins okay Zoie is a girly girl yet she likes to touch bugs and dirt and worms ♪♪ […]

marriage counseling and long lasting marriages

how many people would you say that you know that are truly happily married? did you know that in America almost 2.5 million people will get married every year, and nearly half of them will get divorced? those are some pretty terrible odds. most people spend more time studying for their driver’s license exam than […]

3 Tips for Making Marriage Counseling Successful (2018)

today we’re going to talk about three tips for making marriage counseling successful if you’re struggling in your marriage this video is perfect for you and don’t miss out on one of the very best things I learned in marriage counseling at the end of the show I’m Angela Howard and my passion is to […]


we need help like stat it’s hard for me to say this but I need help our marriage was a code blue code blue I thought Code Red was like the highest this is marriage WTF what can you name Michelle warning we’re not licensed professionals however we are ex personal saving our marriage viewer […]

Finding the Best Marriage Counselor in San Diego

Finding the best marriage counselor: what you need to know. Counseling isn’t one size fits all and every therapist may not be a good fit for you. Searching for the best marriage counselor is a very important part of the process. You should find a therapist that will best fit your needs and your particular […]

Marriage and Family Therapy: Improve Your Marriage, Improve your Relationships

Do you need help with yourself, with your marriage or with other relationships? Do you want to feel the love and the happiness that you once felt before? Hi welcome to Laguna Beach Counseling. I’m glad that you’re here. My name is Kay Wenger, and I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist as well as […]

5 Signs You Need Marriage Counseling (Relationship Coaching)

I try to walk it out. Or like even leaving the shoes on the floor all those things you know it’s cute at first and then it starts to wear on you but it’s like if you continue to pursue each other and keep the romance alive those little things to start a big deal […]