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good morning guys today it's gonna be a super fun day I'm really excited about what Kurt and I are doing today first of all I like to apologize for tricking you a little bit because we did not get married yet but today we're just going to a wedding photo shoot that we're doing […]

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these are just like so annoying like so necessary but so annoying that's just like shook like really bad like July it's June good morning guys it is Tuesday June 18th and today it's so exciting because I think eyes know I'm in a car right now I'm in my work parking lot and I […]


Oh the I feel like everything in my life has led me to you my choices my car brakes my regrets because if I had done one thing differently I might never have met today's the day the daily thing today even less spicy you well so bill declare that the men shall lives mother […]

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some people have problems telling the truth this woman is one of them she called Emily horn also known as Emily LeConte Emiliana Carmichael Emma Baker and anima Hewes Emily is just 30 years old which has already been married to five different men but she never bothered to get divorced many of them the […]

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you I've been waiting for someone like maybe always be standing tall sometimes you feel I've been waiting waiting for someone like you as long as you just hold me but you're strong and loving are you'll never see me wonder cuz I know you