MARRIED AT 18…… 5 Months Later

tomato me the ice cream chocolate I’m Gilson girl I went to girls down to him and he said the nicely tucked welcome to our married life update the last five months have been an amazing journey and I think it’s time we share with you what it’s been like it’s been absolutely amazing actually […]

Married Under 25: The Craigslist Couch

(playful music) – No. I just got comfortable. – Well. – Ugh! Oops. – I’ll get a paper towel. – No, it’s fine. I got it. What? – I think it’s time we replace the futon. – What’s wrong with the futon? – It’s really rickety and lumpy. – Well, if you know where the […]

Married Under 25: Homebodies

(rhythmic piano music) – Hey, babe. How was work? – I spent an hour and a half trying to teach her to copy-paste. – So what do you wanna do tonight? – I can’t. Go on without me. Live your best life. Leave me down here to die. – Netflix and takeout is fine with […]

OUR WEDDING VIDEO | Vows that will make you cry

my darling name my queen today we become one with your love and support I've grown into more a man in the last four years and I ever imagined I would become in a lifetime I'm proud of the person that I am I have you to thank you know how I can become overwhelmed […]

OUR WEDDING DAY STORY | What to expect on your elopement UK | Naomi and Jack

it's the alien jack and welcome to our channel so today what are we talking about maybe we're gonna be talking to you about our little ways in just a little bit like what what we did how it went we're not going to go into loads of detail right now but we'll want to […]

Throwing My BFF's Baby Shower!!

good morning everyone welcome back to another vlog today is the day of my friend Kenzie's baby shower which I have been planning for months I just got back from the gym which explains this sweaty yuk situation but I had a really good workout steven is here hello he looked beautiful oh thank you […]

I got married !! Why I Eloped ??? Tips + ideas

hi everyone and welcome back to Renee's life if you are new to Renee's life hello just so that you know a brief history of my channel which would which my channel is about lifestyle Beauty inspiration when inspiration I talk about my marriage life as well and I guess I DIY different things and […]

Our Las Vegas Elopement & Travel Vlog| 11/8/18| #MeetTheHolmans

[Applause] [Applause] every made it through tweets these walkthrough people make this to make em saying so much more so than it is no y'all real fight over the leaves of what 75 yeah thanks we got a whole hour and hour like good team to to do stuff baby I don't really think I […]

Married Under 25

what I'm all scruffy and patchy but if I shave I'm gonna look prepubescent that were you gonna wear hey yes baby we look 16 20 ish good a lot less skeezy being married to a 20-ish happy anniversary anniversary okay game plan I will be starting with the open-faced duck machaca ravioli and I'm […]

Husbands who look alike Married Twins|Meet our Husbands

[Applause] all right today's a very exciting day like ready because nine years ago how many nine years ago we got married to our married not dating so manias married man I am so very excited mixture we're going to be a decade ago guys we have been drink this famous little Marion string outside […]