Connor Murphy Gets Married PRANK

what's up YouTube it's your boy Jack Manley here the old submit wingman tonight we're asking girls about marriage so we can find the right girl for Connor here he's ready to get married let's see if the girls are now while he's dressed like a nerd or later as an aesthetic god hey you […]

Princess T got Married! Wedding Celebration with Ryan's Family Review

okay some recording Ryan I'm saying hi to Ryan how are you quick hit his face hey how are you okay so I'm in my sister's room getting ready um I got my hair and makeup done I look like a totally different person I would never do my makeup like this cuz let's be […]

I Discovered My Boyfriend’s Secret On Our Wedding Day

hi I am Jenny also known in my town as the girl whose groom never showed up at the wedding you guessed it every bride's worst nightmare came true for me it is a day I will forever remember everything started with meeting the love of my life Liam I don't know about you but […]

The Cavaliere Wedding Trailer | Bloom Field Gardens | Ashley Bloomfield

I once read magic and romance ignite a relationship but it's a friendship that makes it in der it's a friendship that turns that happily-ever-after into the beginning of a love story and not the end over the last five years you have become my greatest love my best friend and confident I told from […]

Jake Paul says he's married to Tana Mongeau and there's pics

to Tana mojo and Jake Paul actually get married what we'll tell you why fans are freaking out like I just did and white Anna might pull a Hailee Bieber whatever that means I'm Kelsey Venus and you're watching the daily report remember ten emojos 21st birthday when Jake Paul proposed to her on stage […]


good morning good morning everyone this is our infamous car blog that you guys enjoy so much it works for us because you know what we're very busy and we're rarely together I see him when he gets home I sometimes get on boys to see you when you go yeah sure I usually get […]

Why aren't you married? How to talk about being single!


you are so beautiful you know me a beauty queen in a towel stop it I mean it you're amazing Juana you had me at you wanna the first opening I have is next one's next Wednesday would be tough for me I could maybe squeeze in a quickie if you wanna okay well book […]

Disney Frozen Queen Elsa Bridesmaid Dress Up at Barbie Wedding Boutique Playset – Cookieswirlc

cookies worlds hey cookie pants oh it looks like we're in the Barbie bridal boutique well what are we doing here have you come to pick out a wedding dress that's so exciting Queen Elsa was clean also doing here at the bridal boutique Elsa are you getting married no no I was told to […]