Finger Family Superheros | Kids Songs and Nursery Rhymes | The Mik Maks

Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman where are you? Here I am, here I am how do you do? Ironman finger, Ironman finger where are you? Here I am, here I am how do you do? Super Girl, Super Girl where are you? Here I am, here I am how do you do? Incredible finger, Incredible finger […]

Scarlett Johansson on Colin Jost’s Romantic Proposal

You look fabulous. Thank you. Congratulations! You got engaged since the last time I saw you. I did, yes. Were you expecting that? Did you– Thank you. [APPLAUSE] You’re such a– I did it! You did it. You locked him in. He’s such a cute guy. He is a cute guy. I mean, I’m partial, […]


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Mike Colter Bonds With Multiracial Family Over Biased Stigmas | The Kelly Clarkson Show

– You’ve had mixed reactions from people about Princeton, right? – Yes. – How is that? How do you deal with that? – Well, you know, we get a lot of stares. It’s rare where we’re from to see African American families with Caucasian babies. – Bye. – [Female Guest] (laughs) He’s gone again. And […]

The Story of Draco Malfoy Explained (+Malfoy Family Redemption)

There’s some Wizards like the Malfoy family who think they’re better than everyone else because I what people call Pureblood. Draco Malfoy is the character that we love to hate in the Harry Potter series “And I’m Malfoy – Draco Malfoy”. Tom Felton, I feel was the perfect choice to play the smug bully. He […]

The Weasley Family Origins Explained (+Fred’s Death)

“red hair and a hand-me down robe. You must be a Weasley.” The Weasley family is a pure blood family known for being blood traitors by other pure blood families. “We have a very different idea about what disgraces the name of wizard Malfoy.” The Wealseys all have bright red hair and are known for […]

Captain America’s Life After Endgame

(old-time music) Oh, would you look at that, the Yankees are playing the Dodgers in the World Series. (paper rustling) You gonna tell me who wins? Oh, (laughing) Peg, you know I can’t do that. Come on, you can’t even give me a hint? Seriously, honey, we’ve talked about this. My mission was to return […]

Meet the Avengers! (Marvel Feature Destinations)

do you love superheroes do you wish you could see where they live work and play let me be your guide to NYC the MCU how you doing I'm Barry vanetti president CEO and non-union bus driver and if you know me you know I can't get enough of the Avengers even war machine join […]

San Diego Comic Con 2019 Tour

hey guys Shawn see folks here my brand-new video going to the 2019 comic-con Convention Center giving my comic-con tour do these videos every single year I have a link below though for some of the past year's convention if you guys are interested in checking it at them out but basically what I do […]