Can You Solve The Marriage Logic Problem? 80% Fail

Hey, this is Presh Talwalkar. Surveys have found that eighty percent of people get this problem wrong. While you are thinking about it I am going to present a similar problem. Give these problems a try and when you’re ready keep watching the video for the solution. Many people think that the answer to the […]

Marriage Advice – Smarter Every Day 181

Okay, story time About 15 years ago, I was just about to get married and Like in the tux is the whole bit, and my dad looks at me, and he says, “Son, “no matter what your wife makes to eat, you eat it, and you ask for seconds no questions asked.” Well a strange […]

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☃️WILL CAMPING BALDI SURIVIVE GIANT YETI?! | Roblox: Time Travel Adventures Subzero/Cavemen Ending

what is that oh no guys oh yeah run downhill go into it up what's that Oh No look at that guy's there's our Yeti no worries I have it lies he's taking so what's up guys spits furling you're back in today we playing time travel adventures and now looks like we're back here […]