Ellen Reunites Superfan with Her Navy Boyfriend

As you know my birthday is this week and I’ve been getting a lot of amazing letters from my viewers. [CROWD CHEERING] Thank you. So I want to read one of the letters that I’ve gotten– “Good morning Miss Ellen, my name is Noah Copeland. And I’m a supply officer in the United States Navy. […]

Reunited Military Couple Maura Gonsalves & Noah Copeland Return

Valentine’s Day is all about love, and there is nothing I love more than surprising people. Last month we had a big surprise for someone in my audience, and it may be one of my favorite surprises of all time. Take a look. As you know, my birthday is this week, and I’ve been getting […]

Maura and Scott's Baby story – baby shower

today's show that we're taping today is my last big show this is where Carly leaves and I'm sort of written out to go on maternity facility it's not silly it's not silly she goes to Hong Kong she she had married someone there in Hong Kong and has to go back and sort of […]