A Huge Surprise for a Family of Fans

Last month we met a young lady in Florida who called her family a southern hot mess, take a look. Hi. Michelle. Hi Michelle. I heard you were big fans of the show. You watch, how often do you watch?>>Every day, every single day.>>We live in a little town named Scooterville Georgia.>>That’s where we’re from. […]

Fun Holiday Gift Ideas o(^∀^)o

welcome to my gift-giving guide for the tech lovers in your life you can get them these really cute designer USB flash drives and they're great stocking stuffers this is great to get for that music lover in your life who's always loving to share good music this Belkin auxilary cable you can attach up […]

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My Destination Wedding | Tips & What I've learned | Mini Update

what's up you guys welcome back to my channel so today I am coming in with something a little bit different I thought I would do a follow-up to my previous destination wedding now it is over with it's done I've learned a couple things throughout that experience and a lot of you were interested […]

The Truth About The Obamas’ Marriage