The Epic Story of a Tiny Soldier – Audie Murphy

Most kids when they grow up want to be an actor, or a songwriter, or an author. I’ve been lucky enough to be all of those things at one time or another. But all I really ever wanted to be was a soldier. And my dream came true. I was a soldier. I am a […]

D-day 75th anniversary: world leaders pay their tributes

We owe our freedom to our veterans and whatever it takes, we will never surrender. And whatever it takes, we will always stand together. – It’s almost impossible to grasp the raw courage it must have taken. To our veterans here in Normandy today, I want to say the only words we can: thank you. […]

156th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg – July 2, 2019

Okay, were going to count down from three okay? Alright. Three Two One There’s a low, green, valley cross the old Kentucky shore Where I’ve whiled many happy hours away, sitting and a singing by that little cabin door Where lived my darling Nellie Gray Oh, my poor Nellie Gray, they have taken you away […]

Audie Murphy is the most decorated WWII veteran

Audie Murphy is the most decorated war hero of World War II. No, Audie Murphy. Yeah, he’s famous for holding off six enemy tanks and waves of infantry for an hour by firing on them from atop a burning tank. Murphy was 15 years old when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941, but he […]

Six-Day War: 50th Anniversary with Ziad Asali | VIEWPOINT

Ziad: The only thing that we are missing is a state. So, tell us dear world, why don’t we have a state? That was the idea. Danielle: Dr. Ziad Asali I’m so delighted to welcome you… Ziad: My pleasure. Danielle: …to AEI for this conversation about the 50th Anniversary of the Six-Day War. You are […]

World War II Veterans Honored On D-Day’s 75th Anniversary | NBC Nightly News

Honouring ceremony for NATO military personnel, NATO Summit in Warsaw, 08 JUL 2016

Today, we come together at the time of increased uncertainty, we see challenges of security in many forms and from many places. But the NATO Alliance is here to ensure that our people are safe, that our countries are secured, and that our values are preserved. This is what NATO has done for almost 70 […]

Military Spouse Career Training | Military Spouse Employment Training Services

Military Spouse Education Benefits Military service members are eligible to identify some of their Post 911 GI Bill benefits to a spouse or military dependent. Local colleges and schools nationwide supply additional grant awards for military spouses and dependents to use. Family support service locations at U.S. military installations offer grant funded scholarships and intern […]