Surprise Package & Baby Shower Gifts!

hello people Dora look in the others they know that no one in Justin and Sarah for the Christmas tree and we have boxes of gifts that we got from our baby shower and one special box from our YouTube viewer will open this one last so these are actually combined gifts from our gender-reveal […]

Was My Wedding Dress Cultural Appropriation?!

oh hey there lovers happy 2019 welcome to the Future I'm so excited to be creating content this year I'm just grateful for the incredible year we had last year and I'm excited to kick off this year unfortunately fortunately we're doing it in a reactive stance this is a reaction video to some drama […]

🇨🇳 Interracial marriages on the rise in China | Al Jazeera English

my name is Sandra Sandra's from Cameroon but her son is Chinese because he was born here both appear a lot these days on a popular Chinese social media network marriage between a Chinese man and an African woman is still a curiosity here so she and her husband decided to stream their day-to-day lives […]

Mixed Race Marriages in the South | The New York Times