Life After I “Cheated” On My Spouse

Life after allegedly cheating on my wife. So my wife and I brought a third person into our relationship, many of you know this The three of us went all the way to third base, and then my wife bailed on us. So everything came to a screeching halt. Shortly after, I was hanging out […]

Most EMBARRASSING Family Moments

Hello friends, it’s me. Does your family ever embarrass you? Well today’s video will be very relatable. Hey Billy, your birthday’s coming up. “What do you want?” “I want 5 million dollars and bring it to me on my lunch break” Okay, Billy. There you go. Fifty hundred grand bars straight out of the Costco […]

YouTubers That Cheated On Their Spouses

Hi there Many people will tell you that I am a cheater That once or twice upon a time, I betrayed my wife But to quickly summarize Three-way relationship plus manipulative language Equals myself cuddling and full body massaging third-party Second incident Three-way relationship plus communication that the relationship would be a perfect trinity And […]

Roblox Family – OUR NEW NEIGHBORS HAUNTED HOUSE!? (Roblox Roleplay)

She says funnehcake, your user sounds familiar. I’m a fan. You guys, what are you doing near the sink? We’re drinking water! Check it out! Look, It’s a new feature! So you discovered this new feature and now all of you just gonna drink water? Wait! Does this fill up your hunger bar? Let’s see. […]

The Truth About My Spouse (& 16 Year Old Friend)

Hello, my name is Onision and I am making a video with a boring green screen behind me because this is what’s required of me right now. For once, there is drama in my life that I’m not really involved with. Most of you probably haven’t heard about this, but it’s gotten pretty serious. My […]

Re: I Betrayed My Spouse

Not too long ago I uploaded a video talking about the betrayal of my wife. Because I made this information all your guys’ business, I’d like to kind of wrap up the story. You know, so I don’t leave you all hanging. First off, 40 thousand likes and 5 thousand dislikes. I didn’t expect so […]

Teenager Beats Rubik’s Cube World Record in 5.25 seconds . Best Ever NEW 2016

teenager Collin Burns just beat the Rubik’s Cube world record in 5.25 seconds , At an official World Cube Association (WCA) event Collin Burns solved the puzzle in 5.25 seconds,

Couples Try To Defuse A Virtual Reality Bomb

(orchestra music) – There’s a little poison symbol and now there’s like a little timer that’s getting… – I’m looking for wires – redder and redder – in general. That was the only page – Getting it back together. – about wires, only page about wires. – It’s redder and redder, do I go up, […]

More Unforgettable Moments | FAMILY GUY

[family guy theme playing] [peter snickering] Peter, I know you’re in here. PETER: Yes, I am Lois. But where? Peter, if you shock me, I swear to God I’m leaving you. PETER: You’ll have to find me first, Lois. Where could I be? Well, there’s a Quonset hut that I’ve never seen in this room […]

Как фотографировать свадьбы. Урок VlOG #5 – Tips and tricks for great wedding portraits

This is not Radisson blue. So we have just went behind turquois church Old lady crosses the street. This is not Hilton. No orientation, no signal. But this is special coloring, special smell. Bad idea! And it pleases me. The most important here is Sergey. And no more troubles! Workshop in rural wedding photography! Nice […]