CN: Oh um hey look at you, you're new here right? CQ: I'm new. CQ: Help me. CN: Hey um yeah, so this is no normal high school. So can you follow me into the bathroom hurry hurry? CQ: Oh god. I'm not even wearing my ugly green crown. Wait where'd you go? CN: Yeah, […]


what's up guys it's olivia here and today I'll be showing you guys my summer room tour three two one and action Gracie puts together this little video of my past rooms it and I'm gonna see what they were like because I'm so young and nice like I don't even remember how many years […]

Elope With You CH.01

Endless Maze Madness

much like last time we're going to do some more ferry escapades never works we are doing it the reverse you stand on the green line and if you have done anything that is mentioned to advance a line the person that reaches the end is not only a winner in the game the game […]