Be Ready To Receive | Motivated

– Everything you’re going through is God preparing you for what you asked for. If it’s a man… The lack of man, is preparing you for one. I’ll tell you a true story, man. I knew this girl, who was a friend of mine. She was dating this married guy. I said, how can you […]

70 Year Old Widow Stakes Newsprint Ad Eyeing For A Spouse

We always thought that being in love and starting a relationship is only for young people. It won’t be wrong to say that when we reach our 20s we are expected to find the one before 30 and get married to them. After that, we are anticipated to find the true meaning of life and […]

Tony Robbins: Stop Your Negative Thinking (Tony Robbins Depression)

[Applause] most of us think we have a problem in our life unless we have something that’s a bigger problem to contrast it with and when you see this Toria you walk through their exact life experience of the course of these two years the year that we work with them is thirty days but […]

Les Brown – What To Do When You Feel Lost (Les Brown Motivation)

LES BROWN►When you know within yourself that there’s something you want to do and I believe that all of us was born with a purpose that all of us have something that we are supposed to do and all of us have some goodness within us and that goodness gives us a responsibility to manifest […]

Jack Ma’s Life Advice Will Change Your Life (MUST WATCH)

so 25 years old Don’t worry any Mistake is that income is a wonderful revenue for you so I tell myself and told my young people Before 20 years old be a good student Where do intrapreneur just to learn some experience before 30 years old? Follow somebody Go to a small company Normally in […]

Jack Ma’s Ultimate Advice for Students & Young People – HOW TO SUCCEED IN LIFE

My advice to the young people 25 years old Make enough mistakes Don’t worry You fall You stand up You fall, You stand up Enjoy it, I mean, if you have 25 years old enjoy the show, just enjoy the show From 30 to 40 years old You have to think very clearly Were you […]

WHEN LIFE BREAKS YOU | Steve Harvey Motivational Speech On Success

I was miserable in my life. I didn’t like wakin’ up, I ain’t have no purpose, I didn’t know what I was supposed to be doing. On October 8, 1985, I walked in a comedy club for the first time, signed up for the following week. The following week, a girl took me down there, […]

Preparing for a Kingdom Marriage by Tony Evans

When it comes to building a house, the foundation is the most important thing, because where you start greatly affects how things wind up. Well, when it comes to building a marriage, the foundation is the most important thing. And that’s why we’re providing you this tool to give you what you need to establish […]


Common Mistakes Newly Married Couples Should Avoid To Prevent Marriage Problems. We want to use this opportunity to wish you a happy married life in case you are newly married. The months leading to a wedding can be really exciting. Couples enjoy the bliss of falling in love and agree to get married to each […]

STOP wasting your life (2019)

Do you know what day of the week you are most likely to die from a heart attack? Take a guess. I’ll give you a second It’s Monday care to guess what time it is between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m Do you know what else happens Monday at 8:00? That is the same day and […]