All Power Rangers Anniversary Team Up Battles | Forever Red, Once a Ranger, Legendary Battle Episode

10 Red Rangers!? Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s do it guys! It’s morphin’ time! Tyrannosaurus! Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! It’s morphin’ time! Red Zeo Ranger! (yells) Shift into Turbo! Red Turbo Ranger! (yells) Let’s rocket! [Voiceover] Three, three, five. Red Space Ranger! Go galactic! Go galactic! Lightspeed Rescue! (energy hums) Red Lightspeed Ranger! […]

Waiting For Spring (春待つ僕ら) (2018) – Anniversary

The cold winter has passed Today is anniversary Sad things too, I will remember them That’s why today I want to laugh and laugh Multicolored colorful flower Holding it while entering the party Humming song happily ulala Let’s enjoy this day, c’mon What should we say it in a word? There is a perfect word […]

[Crusaders Quest] Dev Movie, 5th Anniversary #4 (Sub: 简体, 繁體,日本語, English)

(I will fix the broken cycle of rewards!) (You can’t stop me!) (Kneel before the God of Dimensions!) (Your will is mine) (Former Army) (UIChanthelover/Ochan Admirer)(TheLove)Ochan, sir, what can I do for you today? (Ochan Kim/Designer)Uichan, what do you think this is? (UIChanthelover/Ochan Admirer)This is… a Hero Selection Ticket? Is it a reward, too? (Ochan […]

Thoughts of men and women on anniversaries | Love Playlist | Season2 – EP.05 (Click CC for ENG sub)

Happy 100th day anniversary! 7 days left until our 100th day anniversary. Hyun-seung, our 100th day anniversary is coming. Love Playlist Season 5 Ep5 Ji-won’s Story I wanna talk to you carefully. I’ll take courage. Can I love Yoo-jeong from today? It’s the first time I fell in love with someone. I don’t wanna lose […]

THE WARRIORS MOVIE (1979) – 40th ANNIVERSARY – Where Are They Now.

Correction: He was 20. Correction: He was 20. Correction: He was 20. Correction: He was 20.

[Crusaders Quest] Dev Movie, 5th Anniversary #3 (Sub: 简体, 繁體,日本語, English)

Gorilla Mansion/Designer: Okay, yes. *flabbergasted* We apologize… *Sorry* I’m so sorry. Yes! Brother Cow/Client Programmer: What happened? *Worried* I mean, I told them you get sucked in while playing the game… *NMF* and they say they will sue me for prank calls and harassment… (Sigh+1) (Worry+1) (Sad+1) (Handsome+1) (Tear+1) UI-ChanTheLover/Ochan Admirer: Mr. Ochan, what may […]

Driver Syndicate Trailer (Driver 20th Anniversary)

20 years ago came out a video game that revolutionized 3D open world driving in a way that hadn’t been seen before. And the legacy of that continues in…

USAPANG PERA: Anniversary

Happy 30th-year wedding anniversary, honey! Happy 30 years too, honey! It seems like it was only yesterday that we first met. And now, we’ve already reached 30 years. Yeah. Can you believe that? I still remember when I was courting.. Honey, look! What is that, a falling star? Its good luck when you wish on […]

Невеста Моего Друга / My Friend’s Fiancee. Фильм. StarMedia. Фильмы о Любви. Мелодрама

STAR MEDIA presents Lida. Lidie! Wake up. I don’t feel like waking up at all… Neither did I. Igor! Why didn’t you wake me up? How could you? I’m being late! You were sleeping so well, so I didn’t wand to wake you up. I’ve got to go to work. Well… Want me talk to […]

The Engagement Ring

Wait! Let me explain What happened to your shorts? Bro, my shorts! I was crossing the woods, the tripped on some ivy and got hooked by a thorn. Then the thorn just ripped my shorts Anyway, I don’t mind Hello When will you be home? I’ve just arrived Ok, am coming. Ok Hey, just chill. […]