4ft 4in Weightlifter Finds Love With 6ft 3in Transgender Woman

COMM: 52-year-old Anton Kraft is just four foot four tall. Although he’s small in stature, he’s big when it comes to brawn. ANTON: I am basically the only guy in the world who ever benched four times his bodyweight before. COMM: Anton’s a massive personality on the competitive weightlifting circuit, where he showcases his impressive […]

Wedding Ready in just 15 Weeks! Freeletics Bootcamp Transformation

Hi, I’m Feli. I’m 28 years old and I’m really uncomfortable with my body. That’s why I want to change something. I simply don’t want to continue being unhappy and dissatisfied with the body that I have. Over the next three months I really want to give it my all with Freeletics and see what […]

Outlander’s Sam Heughan Takes the Gym Very Seriously

Sam? Sam! I didn’t know you go here. Oh, yeah. It’s crazy. Yeah, yeah, of course, yeah. Gyms are my life, yeah. I love working out. And well, how do you think you get a body like this, huh? You know what? Gyms aren’t really my thing. This is awkward. I’m gonna get going. You […]

ENG)게이커플 뜨거웠던 홈트레이닝/korean gay couple

pack – honey you’re really good at this pack – honey~~ pack – honey~ pack – omg why are you eating instant triangle kimbap (sushi) instead of dinner kim – I did eat dinner.. but I was still so hungry so… pack – triangle kimbap.. honey! pack – honey I was working out kim – […]

WHAT I EAT WHEN I TRAVEL + INTENSE SHOULDER WORKOUT | Reuniting w/ friends ft David, James & Nikki

what's up guys welcome to another video I'm so excited I just made it to Manchester for the week with Jim Shire and O so these are all of my outfits for the we brush clothes to wear for photoshoots and the event days and stuff like that you got the new ultra seamless which […]

5 Best Bridal Workout Moves

hi ladies all right this is my Bridal Fitness series I'm so excited you guys are joining me as you get ready for your wedding or your friend's wedding so whether you are a bride a sister of a bride a mother of bride bridesmaid or a bra aspiring bride like I was most of […]