Holiday Break

why is there sparkle in her eye as she walks by papers snowflakes in the hallway sequins on earth threw at her smiling at this snowy her step is light her eyes aglow she's outside now playing and snow sheer laughing without care why is all this it's holiday break that's every teachers favorite time […]

American Visits Dutch Theme Park! | Efteling | AD

hi guys so today is a special day because I have two hands I'm filming with my cameraman Luke cuff Berthier because dude I know we are going to Amsterdam with KLM now usually when I'm packing for my trips as you know I lose things I'm pretty bad with my memory I've lost my […]

destination earth

attention attention is this your beloved leader of the exalted there will be a special science toy rally today and half Memorial Stadium honoring hacking traffic state Explorer Colonel Connor here the first first word since his return from the planet Earth to all commanded by a hugger invited to attend thank you for this […]

Prom Dress Shopping! – Vlog March 26, 2016