Overactive Muslim Man Divorced 19 Times!

(Talking about his first father-in-law) He insisted on my giving 250 Dinars for the dowry and I insisted on giving 200 Dinars($120) And it ended up for me in court divorcing my first wife And I did not lose anything


hello friends today we are going to discuss a new thing which is related to divorce. The most difficult thing in filling the divorce is that in accordance with Hindu Marriage Act 1955, no divorce petition can be filled unless 1 year of marriage has passed. means a divorce can be filled only after 1 […]

How can we marry more than one wife in these modern days? – Abdur-Raheem Green

Scrapp DeLeon On His Desire For A Polygamous Marriage & Faith (S2 E5) | Brunch With Tiffany

I don’t see why nobody can be on time these days. Now where she at? Mm-mm (negative). Hey. Oh my goodness. Hey Scrapp. [crosstalk 00:00:23]. I’m so sorry I’m late. I’m glad you could make it. Oh, you give good hugs. You smell good, too. Good. Oh my goodness. My right breast thanks you. That […]

“Polygamy” Baptist Preaching (independent, fundamental, KJV Christian Sermon)

Now, in Genesis chapter 4, the part that I wanted to focus on is down there in verse number 19, which is the first example in the Bible of someone having more than one wife. What we would commonly refer to as polygamy, or sometimes if it’s only two they refer to it as bigamy, […]

Polygamy in Canada: An open secret – The Fifth Estate

[ ♪♪♪ ] Okay. My name is Zaib. A couple of months ago my husband called me and informed me he got married and he has a second wife. And this is my story. Hi, this is Aisha and this is what has been happening in our lives for the past few months. This is […]

Inside Colombia’s Temple of Lucifer

-We’re about to start my initiation ritual, into the “Luciferian” religion. -I saw him, an angel, he was enormous, with seven wings. I’m organizing an army of Lucifer’s children. What would be the ultimate goal of this army? To confront them. -Who, you wonder? -The grand whore. -The grand whore, you mean Catholic church? We […]

Marriage Monday E03 | Expectations vs Reality

Welcome to marriage mondays where we spend Monday is talking about marriage. My name is Qamara. My name is Ameer. Today’s topic is expectations versus reality One thing that people expect before getting married is that the first year is going to be a breeze. They expect it to be like this easy peasy lemon […]

Build Trust with Your Spouse | Blessed Home Series

go back to Khadijah ؓ, Muhammad ﷺ take a look at how and why he married he married a women because he knew her credentials were really very high the fact that she was 15 years older than him did not bother him because he said… “she will be a good mother to my children” […]

Maher Zain – Thank You Allah | Official Lyric Video

I was so far from you Yet to me you were always so close I wandered lost in the dark I closed my eyes toward the signs You put in my way I walked everyday Further and further away from you O Allah, you brought me home I thank You with every breath I take. […]