Teen Who Couldn’t Stop Talking About Ellen While Under Anesthesia Visits Show

Our next guest had her wisdom teeth taken out last week, and then got really upset when she found out I wasn’t there to support her. Take a look. What, honey? Was Ellen there? Ellen who? Ellen DeGeneres, Mom! Why would Ellen DeGeneres be at your oral surgery appointment? Because she should at least support […]

Sohnea 2 | Miss Pooja Feat. Millind Gaba | New Sad Love Story 2019 | New Punjabi song 2019

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Jim Parsons and Ellen Talk About Their Wedding Anniversaries

Congratulations on your first– is it your one year anniversary? This is the– yes, yes, officially for the law, you know? For the, yes, wedding anniversary. It’s such a weird thing being a gay couple– well, at my age. Because there were so you couldn’t get married. And so now we’ve been– this is our […]

Dega Jaan-Video Song | The Family Man | Sachin-Jigar | Mellow D ft Shreya Ghoshal | Amazon Original

Kal kare so aaj kar aaj kare so ab Ghis raha hai roz tu fal milega kab Iski uski khud ki khushi ke liye tune kya kya kiya Padh likh ke kaabil bana phir sab kuch hasil kiya Khwaishein na hoti khatam kam pad jati har rakam Chheen hi na le dum tere badhte ye […]

MARK ANGEL’S WEDDING (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 208)

My savings is to contribute towards the nation Hey mommy, this is the comedian and the emcee. Wow This is my wife-to-be, okay, this is her modem. Okay, and that is her address this time Wow. Yeah, my daughter’s So he’s going to be handling the wedding tomorrow. Okay, we have the program use the […]

Karam – Rangle Sardar & When Chai Met Toast | Equals Sessions – Episode 2

Fly, to the sun, Fly, to the moon, Fly, to the distance, Just trust your time, Kaiyaanu bapu milya nhi, [Some don’t have father] Kayi ghar maawan binn sunne ne [While some don’t have mothers] Kaiyaan de vede laal khidan, [In some houses, boys are playing] Kai ghar tiyan te jumme ne, [While in others, […]


“THAALI the wedding photographer”

SHE WAS THERE (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 113)

[Music] like a loon so Mike you’re saying I should live your life alone mmm I need not have been with you through your hard times mark when you were broke I was there with you when you didn’t have food to eat I was there with you when you didn’t even have a job […]

How can I find a job and settle down in New Zealand?

Licensed Immigration Adviser

Teenager Beats Rubik’s Cube World Record in 5.25 seconds . Best Ever NEW 2016

teenager Collin Burns just beat the Rubik’s Cube world record in 5.25 seconds , At an official World Cube Association (WCA) event Collin Burns solved the puzzle in 5.25 seconds,