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*screams* !! haha good save how was your day at the office? -it was good, how was your day at the office? I think I had a good day. I kept eating, I took a nap, now, since Tyler leaves work pretty late, it’s basically dinner time, I basically mooched off a veggie noodle soup. […]

[Touhou Vocal][EastNewSound] Hiirogekka, Hyousai no Zetsu -1st Anniversary Remix- (spa & eng subs)

Inside of me, inside of me, the me inside of me… One word, one word, Again and again and again and Again ceaselessly repeats… Repeats and repeats and repeats and repeats and Repeats and repeats and repeats and screams…. This left arm I’ve grabbed is sweet; this right arm shaking is sweet Sweet… sweet… even […]

044 I Love You – The Wedding Anniversary Song (subtitles)

International House DIY decoration challenge – University of Sydney

The theme I want to go for is modern bohemian. We are thinking about doing our room in modern style. Maybe put up some posters or paintings. I want to do some minimalism styling in my room. Sydney Uni Lion, rawr! I really love the vines, because I’m into the whole nature theme. That wall […]

Commentary No, the Mormon polygamists in Mexico are not part of Ervil LeBarons church

Commentary No, the Mormon polygamists in Mexico are not part of Ervil LeBarons church While many of the families in the colonies share the surname LeBaron, they are likely of no association to Ervils group, most of whom theyve never met or interacted with. They do have a common ancestor in Alma Dayer LeBaron Sr., […]

Jila’s Fantasy Arranged for Classical Guitar By: Boghrat

New phone & email (310)407-9076 [email protected] New phone & email (310)407-9076 [email protected]

How to Japanese Tea Ceremony

Today I’m going to HiSUi TOKYO Which is a multi-art school in traditional Japanese culture Though they specialise in Kimono dressing, calligraphy and swordsmanship I was here with my good pal Warren To experience and learn about the traditional art of the Japanese tea ceremony Also know as ‘Sadou’ Drinking tea started in Japan around […]

MindFlow – Rules of Engagement

Armored tanks storming out from the base It tattoo the road with the word annihilation Aircrafts getting ready to land They are clouding the sky Spread all over the radar Keep marching men `till the end through the pain When there, you lay all of your blood Pronounce thirteen chapters of the “Art of War” […]

College and the Family: Bruna

It was really at home. I had parents who, although they didn’t know what to do or (have) any practical advice per se as immigrants themselves, they always motivated me. “You have to go to college,” they told me. “You have to go to college mijita. And there’s no way around that, you just have […]