Ainvayi Ainvayi | Band Baaja Baaraat | Ranveer Singh, Anushka Sharma | Salim, Sunidhi | Wedding Song

Your dark and cunning eyes are not too shy… they look sly, very hi-fi. Making my heart skip a beat… I wonder why? Your dark and cunning eyes are not too shy… they look sly, very hi-fi. Making my heart skip a beat… I wonder why? Just like a biscuit dipped in tea. That’s how […]


Cousin! You made it! *indecipherable gibberish* Grrrr! Thank you, old boy! Lead the way! Welcome to the neighborhood! What an interesting home. Fire in the hole! You sunk my battleship! These people are monsters. They’ll ruin the neighborhood! Choke on this! I’ve got candy! Oh, yes! Yuck. I’ve done this thousands of times. Give my […]

Will & Grace – It’s Grace’s Wedding Day… Again (Highlight)

– God, it is so weird seeing myself in a wedding dress again. It’s–it’s freaking me out a little bit. I’m actually sweating. – Honey, you’re finally wearing a quality fabric. Your body’s not sweating, it’s crying with relief. – It is an incredible dress. Thank you so much for doing this. It probably is […]

The Good Place – Janet’s a Counselor (Episode Highlight)

Modern Family Season 11 Trailer (HD) Final Season

Top Gun: Maverick – Official Trailer (2020) – Paramount Pictures

– Thirty plus years of service. – Combat medals. – Citations. – Only man to shoot down three enemy planes in the last forty years. – Yet you can’t get a promotion, – you won’t retire, – and despite your best efforts, you refuse to die. – You should be at least a two-star admiral […]

Almost Family (FOX) Trailer HD – Brittany Snow, Emily Osment drama series

[music playing] My official title is communications director to this incredibly difficult doctor. No matter how hard I work, it’s just never good enough for him. He’s my dad. Oh. I talk a lot when I’m nervous, because you are the hottest guy that I’ve ever matched with, and I do this a lot. Not […]

Almost Family (FOX) “Be A Part Of This Family” Promo HD – Brittany Snow, Emily Osment drama series

[music – lizzo, “good as hell”] – Kind of a big deal. I don’t know if you’ve heard. ANNOUNCER: Critics are raving about “Almost Family.” This is, like, the biggest thing that’s happened in my life, like, ever. (SINGING) I do my hair toss. It’s life-changing. (SINGING) Baby, how ya feelin’? Feelin’ good as hell. […]

The Good Place – Jason and Tahani’s Wedding (Episode Highlight)

– Tahani, you’re so smart. Every day you teach me something new about… art…and history… and why you shouldn’t eat everything that smells good because sometimes, it’s candles. You’re basically, like, a hot genius teacher who sometime has sex with me, your student. That used to happen a lot at Lynyrd Skynyrd High School, but […]

Jack’s Big Gay Wedding – Will & Grace (Episode Highlight)

– Buddy, this is your moment. Today, it’s all about you. – I have waited to hear you say that for 30 years. – If you hurt my Jackie, I know someone who will reach up inside you and turn you inside out. – [purrs] – No, not in the good way. – Thank you. […]