We Got Married in Ireland ๐Ÿ’š | Clisare Wedding [CC]

(*Music “Marry Me” Train) – [Clare] I like you, and I know why. I like you because when I tell you something special you know it’s special, and you remember it a long, long time. I like you because, I don’t know why, but everything that happens is nicer with you. When I say something […]

The Best Night of Our Lives // Knoxville, TN Wedding Film // Brielle & Patrick

One word to describe Brielle Hoffman would be favor, the favor of an Almighty God is on you. I’ve never seen you walk in a room that you didn’t light up. What I know about favour of God is that favor is something that has been paid for. Your whole life you’re reaping the benefit […]


(gentle guitar music) – Are we ready to start this thing? Doug are you sure? Hm, you’re ready? Well we’re finally here, gathered together as a community of family and friends in God’s presence to witness the holy marriage of Andrew and Shawn, which is instituted by God and blessed by our lord Jesus Christ, […]

Full Wedding Ceremony!! (One Year Anniversary) | Shawn Johnson

(“Make You Feel My Love” instrumental) (“A Thousand Years” instrumental) – Welcome. Welcome, welcome. How ’bout this place? How ’bout this couple? Thank you all for coming on behalf of Andrew and Shawn. They’d like to express their love and their appreciation for all of you as family and friends that have come to this […]

Gorgeous wedding, crazy after party | Boston wedding video

I remember the first time we said, “I love you,” to each other. I was on my way to work one morning, and I was like, “Bye, have a good day, love you.” Then I realized I just said that and my gut reaction was to run into oncoming traffic. And I chased after her […]


I marry you to my daughter Rachel Vennya Roland with a dowry of precious metal weighing 150 grams and prayer tools I receive this marriage with Rachel Vennya Roland, the daughter of Mr. Andre Roland and takes the mentioned things as the dowry of the marriage You are now officially become a husband. Alhamdulillah Today, […]

What Combining A Persian And Irish Wedding Looks Like | World Wide Wed | Refinery29

This is Kelly; she’s Irish. This is Rambod; he’s Persian. In 36 hours they will get married in San Diego, where we’ll see a bedazzled bridal table, dance with a wild Irishman, and watch a knife dance where Rum showers his sister with cash. Chica-chica-chick! Ay, ay, ay! Ah-chick! Ay! Ah-chick! Ay! Ah-chick! Ay! There […]

Dad reads poem to bride and groom on their wedding day | Dream Point Ranch

you and I are here for a very serious purpose today we're here to share and be a witness and the joy of this special occasion a miraculous union that will take place this day before God and man God intended marriage to be a relationship of one man and one woman freely and totally […]

Beautiful Oregon Wedding | Mt. Pisgah Arboretum | Brittany + Wesley's Pure Love Story

Brittany it all started with one cup of coffee and now eight years initially two countries and then four different states two handsome dogs I stand here and look at you and I truly see everything that I fell in even now every time I leave it hits me hard and it cuts me be […]