15th August 2019 Wagah Border Parade – 15 अगस्त Attari Wagah Border Ceremony

India Pakistan Wagah Border 2019 India Pakistan Wagah Border 2019 Live WAGAH BORDER 2019

Canada’s Muslim adoption ban – The Fifth Estate

[ ♪♪♪ ] Habiba Nosheen: This story isn’t like other stories I’ve done. We’ll try to talk to the kids now? [together] Yes mama. I do my best to try to keep my work and my personal life very separate. I was reporting from an orphanage in Pakistan seven years ago when I learned something […]

The Gun Markets of Pakistan

[GUNFIRE] SUROOSH ALVI: We’re here in Lahore, Pakistan, in the old city. I’m here visiting family. It’s been about three years since I was in the country. And in that time, the country has gone through insane amounts of change– truly full of deep contradictions. On the one hand, you’ve got this progressive side of […]

The Wedding Car – Meri Purani Gardi

Asalam o Alaikum everyone welcome back to the vlog and Today is a very special day first of all, this is DJ hes my childhood friend and today is his wedding. Its in Peshawar and As you guys know that on weddings, a special car is decorated. Although its not going to be this ( […]

Nikah Nama/Marriage Certificates Of Pakistan For Any Country

Asalam Alekum! Well friends & viewers, how are you all? As you all knew that I make videos YouTube & Face Book & share it. Today, before starting my topic, it is a request that if you love my work/video, so, please like it as well as subscribe & notify my channel to get my […]

INSANE Pakistani Food VILLAGE WEDDING! – 4000 PEOPLE ULTRA RARE + BREAKFAST Street Food in Pakistan

– Coming up for all you food rangers. We’re bringing you for an insanely rare opportunity. A 4,000 person Pakistani wedding banquet with horse dancing, next level cooking and some rarely seen festivities that are gonna blow your mind. So make sure to watch all the way until the end. ‘Cause this video you’re gonna […]

Family reunion or Spouse visa for Germany | General Process | Part.1

hello , Assalam o Alikum, this video is regarding family reunion or a spouse visa so if you are not married, if you are not engaged if you do not have a ny potential partner and if you’re not engaged and this video is not for you all the other people who want to apply […]

Forced Marriages Still Alive in Rural Pakistan

A resident of an underdeveloped far-flung area in the southern province of Sindh, 11-year-old Hasina Solangi still suffers from the trauma of the attempt to marry her off to a 27-year-old man for a paltry sum. When I learned of my marriage, I was not ready to get married. My [maternal] grandfather told me that it was […]

Pakistan Travel Vlog (episode two)

so this is definitely the craziest road I've ever been on and the drop is just this is Al Shifa he was taking our snacks hello what is his name he can you ask him what his name is please hola hola hi crew career well Brooke starting to hike and the rest of the […]