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Mad Cat Song – 1 Year in Yogscast Anniversary

White fur and black, my sharped claws Stepping, I’m on my tippy paws Looking around for videos I’m not a criminal Stealing, all of the memes for you don’t say thank you or please I do what I want when I’m wanting views My goal? The CEO So I’m a sly cat Like to be […]

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Back in My Day with the Meyers Family: Black Friday, Friendsgiving

-My whole family is here tonight, and maybe that is just making me feel a little sentimental. But with the holidays here, it got me thinking about the way things are and the way they used to be. Heck, sometimes I look around, and I don’t even recognize the world I’m living in anymore. And […]

The Meyers Family Tells a Traumatic Story Involving Seth’s Orthodontic Headgear

-This is a tradition — this is six years in the making. Four years — this is the fourth year of this other tradition. First couple of years, we had one kid — he could not stay up this late to be on the show. Now we got two kids who are too young to […]

Melania Trump’s Terrifying Christmas Decorations

– Hello, it is First Lady Melania Trump. Look at my trees soaked in blood, soaked in sweet, sweet blood. Ah, to be an ornament, to be admired, to be placed in a small box away from your husband’s eyes for 11 months of the year. Sometimes, I look into the mirror and I throw […]

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Wedding Hashtag Designer | #targetdemo

– “#HappilyEverRamirez” – I designed this for a couple named Bill and Benny Ramirez. “#AliciaWedsJack” – I designed this for a couple who wed on a boat. This is my most proud moment, where it all started: “#DevonsWeddin2014.” Everyone’s trying to get a piece of this one. I’m Samuel Pollark, Wedding Hashtag Designer. When clients […]

Anti-Gay Wedding Planner (Parody) | We the Internet TV

When it comes to planning your most special day, you want to hire the best wedding planner in town. But what happens when the best wedding planner in town disagrees with your homosexual lifestyle? This happens to be a daily challenge for outspoken anti-gay wedding planner Phil Lamont. I’m a religious man and I think […]